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Purchasing Contracts

VendorNet allows the user to search contracts and understand all that those contracts encompass. VendorNet also has an ineligible vendor list (additional information provided below). When you follow the link (above) it will lead to VendorNet’s home page. This will be a useful resource for when unsure about what is contracted and what is not.

How to make a search:

  1. Click “contracts” on the top option bar
  2. Under “Keyword or Number” make a search
    1. An important thing to note, sometimes one keyword will work and the other will not, so it may take multiple key words to bring up the desired contract.
  3. Read the description under “title” and select the contract that best suites what you are looking for
  4. Within the contract it will provide if it is a mandatory purchase and give a description of the products included in the contract
  • Optional Contracts
  • Mandatory Contracts
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