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Purchasing office supplies

Shop@UW is a website hosted by UW-Madison. It is essentially an online marketplace for end-users to easily browse and purchase supplies from contracted vendors.

Shop@UW offers many advantages. For example:

  • All purchases are on contract
  • There is no need to obtain competitive quotes
  • All purchases are tax exempt
  • Shipping is fast and easy
    • Items usually ship in 1-2 business days
  • Purchases are tied to department funding string; no need to fill out a purchase requisition or use a Pcard

To apply for a Shop@UW account or make changes to an existing account, click here.

Login in to your account after you have completed your application here or you can log in as a guest if you wish to simply browse: Shop@UW Login

Shop@UW Log/Reconciliation

Purchases made with your Shop@UW account will generate an eform log for the purchaser and the purchaser’s supervisor to review. No receipts are required to be attached, but further explanation of the business purpose of the items purchased may be requested by either your supervisor or auditors.

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