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Purchasing furniture

There are two mandatory state-wide contracts for furniture purchases. The first mandatory contracted furniture vendor is the Bureau of Correctional Enterprises (BCE). BCE must be given the first opportunity to quote all of our office furniture. If BCE is unable to meet your needs, they will provide you with a waiver. You must have a waiver from BCE before using the secondary mandatory furniture contract. If you receive a waiver from BCE, you must also work with Purchasing to navigate the secondary mandatory furniture contract.

Mandatory Statewide Office Furniture Contract - Bureau of Correctional Enterprises (BCE)

The secondary mandatory furniture contract contains approximately 57 different vendors based on categories of furniture, manufacturers, and authorized dealers. If you have a waiver from BCE, contact Purchasing to assist you with finding the appropriate vendors on this contract based on your furniture specifications.

Secondary Mandatory Statewide Office Furniture Contract


The following categories are specifically excluded from the scope of products and services on these contracts:

  • Used or refurbished furniture of any kind
  • Laboratory furniture
  • Student housing furniture
  • Dormitory furniture including beds, desks and wardrobes

*While these categories are exempt from the mandatory contracts, the regular procurement process must still be followed. Refer to purchasing homepage for dollar thresholds.

Sit-to-Stand Desks

Sit-to-stand desks and converters are categorized as furniture and are subject to mandatory state contracts.

Please submit your request for a sit-to-stand desk or converter to our campus designer by using the Campus Furniture & Chair Request eform found under the Facilities Management dropdown.

Ergonomic Chairs for Offices and Every Day Workspaces

Sample ergonomic chairs can be requested by completing the Ergonomic Chair Sample Request eform. All of the samples are models from pre-approved vendors as outlined in the above mandatory furniture contracts. You will have the flexibility to choose your own fabrics and materials from a variety of styles of chairs and price points.

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