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Purchasing technology

UW-Eau Claire has standard configurations for computer and printer hardware represented on an eform. Please work with LTS Consulting for standard configurations and specialized quotes.

Standard configurations available for:

  • Dell, Windows, and Microsoft
  • Apple; including computers and iPads
  • HP desktop printers

Peripheral Purchases

To purchase a computer peripheral, use a procurement card (P card) or use Shop@UW. Computer peripherals include items such as:

  • Electronic equipment connected by cable to the computer
  • Flash drives
  • Cables
  • Memory cards


If you wish to purchase software, please contact LTS Consulting. In determining how best to license the software, it’s helpful if you include information regarding the developer, software title, version, and type and/or number of licenses. Please note that for software purchases, LTS Consulting will have to contact state contracted vendors before purchases can be made from another source, including the developer. Software purchases are not allowed with a procurement card unless you have prior approval in writing from Purchasing.

Start your eform for purchasing technology and software below:

On the purchasing eform, you’ll find all our standard configurations pre-populated on the form. If you are purchasing non-standard hardware, please select “Other” from the Vendor menu and attach the quote provided to you by LTS Consulting. For any software or non-standard hardware purchases, please attach the quote provided to you by LTS Consulting.

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For additional information or assistance please contact LTS:
Phone: (715) 831-1367

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