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Procurement Card Advantages

The procurement card enables cardholders to perform more effectively and focus on the value-added aspects of their jobs by reducing:

  • Time needed to purchase and receive
  • Number of requisitions and purchase orders
  • Reimbursements from petty cash
  • Invoicing problems
  • Number of checks issued

Who can be a cardholder

  • Purchasing staff
  • Field staff
  • Program support staff
  • Professors, researchers, mechanics, engineers, etc.

The card is "easy" to use

Here are the general instructions:

  • Determine the appropriate vendor for the materials desired.
  • Give the vendor your Procurement Card number and the expiration date, or present the card at the point of sale.
  • Tell the vendor that the State is exempt from State sales taxes. Give the vendor the Wis DOR tax exempt number, which is ES 40706. Exception: Purchases made out-of-state for consumption out-of-state may be taxable. If the vendor requests written proof of tax exempt status, fax/mail the vendor the Tax Exempt Certificate, which can be obtained from the Purchasing Office.
  • If the materials will be shipped or delivered, tell the vendor to enclose a fax or mail a copy of the receipt with the shipment. Packing slips are acceptable ONLY if the items purchased are listed separately with a unit price, number of items, price per unit, shipping, handling fees listed and a total. A packing slip is not acceptable when any one of these items is not listed.
  • Keep track of your purchases and retain your receipts.
  • UW-Eau Claire pays Corporate Payment Systems every two weeks for the previous two weeks of posted transactions.

The card cannot be used for

  • Avoiding or bypassing appropriate procurement or payment procedures, or extramural funding agency restrictions.
  • Your own personal use.
  • Items listed on the Cardholder Agreement Form.

The card can be used for services needed

  • Mandatory contracts still must be used if they exist for the service to be purchased
  • All regular procurement rules and procedures will still apply
  • Business purposes only

The card does not affect your personal credit rating

Use of the card results in University liability, NOT a personal liability for the cardholder. Your personal credit rating will not be affected. However, remember that you sign an agreement prior to receiving the card and as such you are responsible for any misuse of the card.

Cardholder responsibilities

  • Ensure appropriate receipt of materials and services and follow-up with the vendor to resolve any delivery problems, discrepancies and damaged goods.
  • For telephone orders, make sure the complete shipping address and instructions are given along with your name, department name, complete street address, room number, city, state, and zip code. Also, ask the vendor to include a sales receipt detailing items purchased in the package.
  • Keep track of your purchases and retain all receipts.
  • Compare your receipts/sales slips to the credit card bank statement. If there are problems, note them on the credit card bank statement and take the appropriate steps.
  • Sign statement as Cardholder and have supervisor sign as Approver.
  • After determining whether your credit card bank statement and receipts reconcile, the original sales receipts and the original credit card statement should be stapled together and forwarded to Purchasing. Adding machine tapes should be attached verifying totals, if necessary.
  • If using the e-form Procurement Travel Summary Log, the US Bank statement along with all receipts must be scanned and attached to the form.  It is recommended that you keep original receipts for the current year plus the past fiscal year.
  • Audits will be conducted by Purchasing staff for both card activity and retention of receipts/sales slips as well as your other records. Consequences ranging from cancellation of cards to appropriate disciplinary action may be invoked for improper use of the card.

Online account access

U.S. Bank has a web-based electronic program management tool that allows quick access for cardholders to view their account activity and billing statement online. To begin utilizing Access Online, you must first register. Here are a few helpful hints for self-registration.

Resolving errors, disputes, returns and credits

  • Follow-up with the vendor (first) or the Corporate Payment Systems on any erroneous charges, disputed items or returns as soon as possible.
  • Any item that is returned, must be returned for credit. Do not accept a refund in cash or in-store credit for another purchase.
  • If the cardholder is unable to reach agreement with the vendor, the next step is to contact Corporate Payment Systems at 800-344-5696.
  • Corporate Payment Systems may ask the cardholder to complete a Corporate Disputes Form and fax or mail the completed form to them. Note on the form the reference number the customer service representative gave to you.
  • Corporate Payment Systems  must be notified of any disputed item within 60 days of the date if the transaction.
  • Documentation should be retained.

Ineligible vendors

The eligibility to do business with vendors is contingent on them satisfying or not satisfying s.16.765, Wis. Stats., which imposes certain requirements for affirmative action in employment.

VendorNet was created to provide access to information regarding vendor goods and services to the state as well as state agencies. To login to VendorNet, User Name: uwec1 Password: blugold.

Ineligible vendors for Affirmative Action Requirements can be found by logging into VendorNet and then clicking on "Wisconsin Office of Contract Compliance Vendor Directory."

Ineligible vendors for Sales and Use Tax Non-Compliance are listed at: Vendors Not in Compliance

Card Security

  • Cards should be stored in a secure place. In some areas, it is more appropriate for specific individuals to carry the cards. In either case, the account number should be protected as any blanket or open vendor order number has been in the past.
  • The only person authorized to use your card is you. Remember that the individual whose name appears on the card bears the responsibility for purchases recorded to that card.

If your card is lost or stolen

Immediately notify Corporate Payment Systems (800) 344-5696, University Police and Security 715-836-2222, and the Purchasing Office 715-836-5171.

How to cancel the card

If you leave UW- Eau Claire, transfer to another department, or choose to cancel your card for any other reason, you must return your Procurement Card to the Purchasing Program Administrator.  The Purchasing Program Administrator will cancel the card.  We do not reissue the same Procurement Card number to other employees for their use.  Before sending a cancelled Procurement Card to Purchasing, cut the card in half.

Additionally, if you cancel the card due to leaving employment at UW-Eau Claire or transferring to another department, prior to your last day on campus or in your department, you must return all receipts, credit slips, invoices, and any other documentation for pending purchases to the member of your department who will be responsible for filling out the transaction summary log after your departure.

Card renewal

Your new card will automatically be renewed and mailed to you at the address on file before the renewal date.

Changing card information

  • Default account coding, spending limits, frequency, etc., may be changed by contacting the Purchasing Office.
  • The name on the card cannot be changed to someone else. A new card must be requested.

If you leave or transfer

Your card must be returned to the Purchasing Office, cut up, with a note requesting the card be canceled.

Key contacts

Purchasing: 715-836-5171

Errors, Returns, Credits, Disputes

First contact Merchant. If unable to resolve, contact Corporate Payment Systems at 800-344-5696.

Lost or Stolen Cards

  • Corporate Payment Systems Customer Service 800-344-5696
  • UW-Eau Claire Police and Security 715-836-2222
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