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How do I set up an Internship?

internships form a valuable part of your academic experience. Employers take more notice of your résumé. You will find more value in the courses you take as you see the relevance of the BCOM curriculum to your professional career.

Initial Steps

Follow the instructions below if you decide to apply for a BCOM internship for credit:

  1. Obtain a written contract for employment in the BCOM-related field for the semester in which you wish to enroll.
  2. Then, check with your academic advisor to see how the internship course BCOM 490 will fit into your degree program and how many credits you will require.
  3. Log into the Handshake system and follow the instructions to apply for approval for your internship experience.
Using Handshake to Apply for Approval of Your Internship
  1. Go to
  2. Login with your UW-Eau Claire credentials.
  3. Under “Career Center” at the top right of the screen, click “Experiences”.
  4. Click “Request an Experience” to be directed to the reporting form.
  5. Under “Experience Type”, choose the appropriate internship form for your department.
  6. Fill out all information in the reporting form:
  7. Select the term in which you are doing your experience.
  8. Search for your employer (if you found your internship via Handshake it should appear when you begin typing). If it does not appear, type it in.
  9. Add the location where your experience is taking place (city, state).
  10. Select a relevant industry related to your experience.
  11. Add employer supervisor’s relevant contact info (phone number, email).
  12. Add your job title (again if found via Handshake, this will appear for you), the specific department working for (if applicable), and start and end dates of the experience.
  13. Select “Internship” as the type of experience you have under job type.
  14. Choose employment type, enter salary information, the date experience was offered to you, and “Yes” that you accepted the offer.
  15. Continue to fill out your specific department questions (some may be duplicated).
  16. When finished, click “Request Experience” at the bottom.
Registering for the Internship Course (BCOM 490)

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Lentz.  The purpose of this appointment is to verify the internship satisfies the requirement for professional Business Communication work, to verify the number of credits to be taken and consider any other course credits you may be taking in parallel, and to create appropriate learning goals for your experience.  If approved for BCOM 490, Dr. Lentz will open a seat in a BCOM 490 section for you.

Register for the seat.

At the beginning of the semester of your internship, you will be able to manage all the requirements of the internship for BCOM 490 through the Course Management System (Canvas).

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