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Business Communication

Whether you're writing a résumé, participating in a video conference, or posting on an online social network, the ability to communicate your ideas is often the difference between success and failure. Communication skills are consistently near the top of most surveys designed to determine what employers value and seek in employees. Providing you with the communication skills you need for a successful career is our priority.

Business Communication Mission

We prepare students to communicate successfully in business and the community. Our graduates are equipped to analyze their audiences and adapt communication to any business situation.

Information Systems

Continuing advances in computer technology promise huge improvements in our quality of life. Thus, there is a critical need for professionals who can apply the unparalleled power of computers efficiently, effectively, and ethically. The IS faculty want to help you become an expert at applying computer technology to improve our society. We help you develop broad organizational knowledge and appropriate technical skills so you can build one of the many excellent careers available to IS graduates. Come study with us and enter this rewarding profession.

Information Systems Mission

We nurture in one another the characteristics of a liberally educated information systems professional: the capacity to think critically, empathetically and independently; the skills to collaborate and innovate; and the aptitude for community engagement and lifelong learning. 

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Experience excellence

Our dedicated and experienced faculty and staff support your journey towards success through high impact practices and real-world experiences, empowering you to become a leader in your field.

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Business Communication Advisory Board

Business Communication Advisory Board

We want to make sure that our programs are current and relevant. The professionals on our Business Communication Advisory Board make sure we do just that.

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IS advisory board

IS Industry Advisory Committee

With the IS world changing rapidly, we need to make sure we constantly stay on top of things. That’s where these wonderful people come in. Learn how this group of professionals helps make us the best we can be.

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