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Meet the board

The Business Communication Advisory Board comprises professionals from a variety of organizations. They annually provide the faculty with guidance on curricular issues, feedback on communication needs in the workplace, and support for special student learning opportunities.

For more information about the Business Communication Advisory Board, contact Dr. Paula Lentz, academic program director, UW-Eau Claire Business Communication Program.

Board Members

  • Ashley Adams, '11, Senior Accountant/Financial Analyst, Xcel Energy
  • Nick Houchin, '18, Owner, Emprise Studios
  • Amber Krakowski, '07, Enterprise Account Manager, Hewlett-Packard
  • Adam Mohr'02, Financial Advisor, Ameriprise Financial   
  • Linda Murch, '95, Vice President, CTL Foods, Inc.
  • Jeremy Nimz, Risk Management Supervision, FDIC
  • Craig Olsen, Certified Public Accountant, Clifton Larson Allen LLP   
  • Carley Patterson, '16, Auditor, RSM US
  • Brendon Paucek, '18, Technical Writer, Jamf
  • Kelley Simon, '99, Technical Writer II, Royal Credit Union   
  • Allyson Wisniewski, '04, Parking Supervisor, UW-Eau Claire