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Accounts Payable

Welcome to our new Accounts Payable website! We hope this is very transparent and helps support departments by making paying for their necessities much easier. Any updates or policy changes within the Accounts Payable department can be found here going forward.

09/20/2022 - Updated Forms page to now reflect Forms and Resources

09/20/2022 - Updated Helpful Tips + Feedback 

09/20/2022 - Updated Gifts, Awards, Prizes + Giveaways page 

09/08/2021 - Updated to ShopUW+ instructions and forms and updated staff contacts

03/24/2021 - Updated WISDM links and references to WISER.

03/19/2021 - Updated when food and refreshments preapproval is needed within the Food and FAQ sections.

11/4/2020- IUJ payment process updated to include new eform information. 

10/21/2020- Ineligible vendor list updated and now links directly to VendorNet to remain up-to-date

3/16/2020 - Effective March 17, 2020 - AP will be working remotely due to COVID-19

12/20/19- Alphabetized left topic area and added a PCI page.

11/4/19- Updated Prizes, Gifts, Awards section to include new eForm links.

10/31/19 - Updated PIR instructions to explain the new eForm process.

10/28/19 - Updated Paying an Invoice - Purchase Order (PO) related invoices and Purchase Orders section to indicate the use of a new E-Form for PO related invoices

 8/29/19 - All supplier address or ACH changes will now require a new form.  Please request the form from Accounts Payable to update supplier information.  A new W9 is only required for updates if there isn't one dated within the last two years already on file.

8/29/19 - W9's must have an original signature (not typed) AND be dated within the last 2 years.  Please use the most current W9 form as well (form's year is listed in the top left corner; most current form is October 2018)

 4/25/19- Added commentary about employee awards not needing to collect receipt forms under gifts/prizes/awards tab.

4/11/19 - Added link to new 'Off Campus Events Request' e-Form (pre-approval process; can be found under Forms tab)

9/18/18 - Contracts now require an initial AND date by each change from both parties.  Note updated contract and addendum.

9/14/18- Please pay special attention to the following items throughout our new website:

    1. Prizes/awards/gifts/giveaways
    2. Clothing
    3. Appropriate/Inappropriate uses of funds
    4. Requirement(s) for holding a meeting during a meal time

Although these policies are not new nor have changed, in order to comply with standard Accounting practices, we will be monitoring and documenting these items more closely.

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