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Reimbursing relocation

It is the policy of the University of Wisconsin System and the Office of the State Employment Relations to allow institutions to reimburse relocation and related temporary lodging expenses for new and presently employed personnel assigned to new locations by transfer or promotion.


Department’s responsibility/process

Authorize funding string to be used in employee’s reimbursement and/or payment request.

Things to Consider/Common Q’s
  • Using contracted vendors is required when UWEC will receive the invoice/pay the bill directly.  However, you may opt to do a self move and receive a stipend to cover expenses instead.
  • If the new employee obtains a stipend, using a contracted vendor is not required and the payment process is the responsibility of the employee.
  • The stipend needs to be manually requested through the e-reimbursement module. Firstsource can help with this at (715) 836-3131.
  • If you go through our contracted vendor, we are able to directly pay them up to the amount allowed in your offer letter. 
  • Not Applicable

Shawn Seuferer
(715) 836-3361

Amanda Brummond
(715) 836-4529


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