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Frequently asked questions regarding purchasing, funds, and expenses

Common questions the Accounts Payable Team hears are listed here with answers.

How do I use my Foundation funds?
  1. Don’t submit an invoice payment request to both Foundation and the University.
  2. If the University can legitimately purchase the item(s) you need, purchase them as normal but charge the purchase to one of the following funds: 133 or 233.  You can then request Foundation to reimburse this funding string for the item(s) purchased.
  3. To request a reimbursement from the Foundation, log into Expense Management using your UWEC login credentials at  If you do not have access to Expense Management, please complete the “Expense Management” security request e-form found under Development Alumni Relations. Contact for help.
How long does it take to process a check/invoice/payments?

During normal processing times of year, please allow a minimum of 1-2 weeks for your request to be processed.

Which items can't be purchased using University funds?

Unacceptable items to purchase using University funds include:

  1. Office hand sanitizer
  2. Tissues
  3. Personal phone chargers
  4. Picture frames (unless used as part of an award)
  5. Welcome gifts/flowers/plants
  6. Cards of any type (Thank you, Birthday, Sympathy, etc.)
  7. Break room supplies such as paper plates, spoons, forks, napkins, etc.

Please note that this list is not all inclusive; if you are not sure, please verify with Accounts Payable prior to making the purchase

Can I purchase clothing/uniforms for my staff?

Please see the Clothing Purchases for Employee Use Practice Directive

You may purchase clothing for your staff only when it is a necessary requirement to perform their job.  Clothing must:

  • Identify individual as UWEC staff
  • Include the University’s logo
  • Be nonconvertible to everyday wear
  • Be pre-approved by eForm from the Assistant Controller, Controller, or their designee (this needs to accompany your payment request and/or pcard log)

Please follow the Clothing Purchase for Employee Use Procedures

Ideally, clothing would be turned back in after use to be reused in the future.  Once approved, contact the Purchasing Department at extension 5171 or to find out which vendor you need to go through when placing your order.

How do I add funds to my purchase order/do a change order?

Fill out a Change Request.

  • Go to the ShopUW+ Purchase Order
  • Click on the Change Request Tab
  • Include the reasoning and amount you would like to change
  • Fill out the necessary information and click complete
How do I transfer these funds/paid to the wrong account?

Expense Transfers - use the Cost Transfer Tool

For other transfers, please fill out the BP Logix Revenue and Expense Transfer form 

Please contact Kiana Killinger with any questions

What time are checks ready for pickup?
  1. Checks are normally printed by 10:00 AM and ready for pickup at noon. 
  2. Checks can be cashed the day after they are printed. The print date is on the check.
  3. Your name must be on the sheet as an approved pick up person to be able to pick up the check
  4. You must show a Photo ID
  5. A signature will be required when you pick up the check
  6. If your name is not on the sheet to pick up the check, then the original requester will need to contact AP to update the record
Why/when do you need a W9?
  1. W9s are required for any entity receiving payment from the University.  W9s provide the necessary information for year-end tax reporting to the IRS.
  2. Accounts Payable needs an updated W9 any time the information provided changes and/or every other year to keep our records updated.
  3.  UW System requires using a 2024 version of the W-9 form. The form must be signed with an original handwritten signature or a digital signature (DocuSign or Adobe Sign) and the form must be dated with-in 2 years of receipt. 
How can a department do a reimbursement to a student org?

Student organizations can be reimbursed for expenses/items purchased with their club account. The department should submit a memo requesting the reimbursement. The reimbursement request must include:

  1. The club to be reimbursed
  2. The amount to reimburse
  3. The department account to pay from
  4. Signature of an account authorizer
  5. Original receipts
  6. Current W-9 for the club must be on file in Accounts Payable
Has this invoice/PIR been paid or what is my check status
  • Once an invoice has been processed, it will appear on WISER the following day. This is also the same day your check will be available.
  • Login to WISER to view your account
    • Department > Search > Dept Line: [Department #]
    • If your account has a project number associated with it then: Project > Project Search > Project ID line: [enter Project ID]
  • If your invoice is not showing as having been processed on WISER, you may also reach out to our A/P Staff.  To assist you with tracking down the invoice, please see our staff page and contact the member who handles this invoice type.
Paying an honorarium, do I have to process a separate TER?

No – an honorarium payment (via PIR) can include travel, food, etc.  HOWEVER, this will be taxable to the individual whereas a TER is non-taxable for the individual.  It is advised to fill out a PIR for the honorarium portion and a separate TER for the travel and food expenses.

What should I do with an invoice I received from the vendor?
  • Review invoice to make sure it is accurate and that the product received is as expected as terms agreed upon during purchase.
  • Once invoice is accurate and approved, forward the invoice on to Accounts Payable through the appropriate route as soon as possible since Accounts Payable doesn’t receive a second copy from the vendor (include an approval “ok to pay” note for faster processing).
  • Save a copy of the invoice for your records if desired.
Where do I get a copy of this invoice?

Email any member of the Accounts Payable team and they will be able to pull a copy of any previously processed invoice.

You can check WISER for a specific payment, the invoice will be attached to that payment in the associated documents section in the upper right hand corner.

You can also check ShopUW+ for payment information associated with your original request.

The vendor hasn't received payment. What do I do?
  • Check WISER to verify the payment isn’t posted.
  • Email Accounts Payable to see if the invoice is still in processing.
  • Request an additional invoice from the vendor to be sent to Accounts Payable if necessary.
Do you have a standard contract I can use for speakers?

Yes. You can find it here: UWEC Contract 2022; UWEC Non-Resident Artist Information Form - 2022


How/When do I receive my relocation/moving stipend?

You must request your stipend through our e-reimbursement tool as it does not automatically generate.  Firstsource can walk you through this process.  Their number is 715-836-3131.  Once your request has been approved by UW-System, you will receive payment generally in 4-6 business days.

Does food/refreshments need pre-approval?

Food/Refreshments do not require pre-approval in these cases:

  1. When an event requires the purchase of a ticket/registration to attend, such as a movie, concert, speaker, etc. and refreshments are provided.
  2. Meetings involving an agenda (names would be needed if it is an actual meal).

Food/Refreshments do require pre-approval in these cases:

  1. When the intent of the food item is considered promotional in nature.  This may include but is not limited to free events and using food to increase participation/involvement in said event.
  2. When given away as a goodwill gesture.
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