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There are specific policies regarding gift cards and cash payments given for various events including surveys, incentives, prizes, etc.

Description/Used For
  • Prize – Something of value conveyed as a result of chance, generally for promotional purposes, to one or more participants in a University-sponsored event.
  • Award – Recognition or something of value conveyed as a result of competition, merit, or in recognition of service to the institution on the part of the recipient.
  • Gift – A voluntary conveyance of something of value as a gesture of goodwill or appreciation.
  • Giveaway- Small non-monetary value item used to promote department/event i.e. mug, water bottle, pens, magnets, etc.

Department’s Responsibility/Process/Requirements
  1. Obtain pre-approval for any prize/gift/award/giveaway from Controller or designee
  2. Purchase item if approved. Please contact Purchasing Department at extension 5171 or to see what vendor we are contracted to go through for item wanted.
  3. Submit payment request for item(s). Please include a copy of the pre-approval confirmation with submission. If using a Pcard to purchase, include confirmation with log submission.
  4. Collect recipient information needed for IRS reporting and submit electronically below to Assistant Controller.
Things to Consider/Common Q’s
  • Not all funds can be used to purchase prizes/gifts/awards/giveaways.
  • All prizes/gifts/awards/giveaways require the recipient to provide their personal information such as social security number to receive.
  • In cases where tangible property transferred to an employee by an employer for length of service or safety achievement, awarded as part of a meaningful presentation, under conditions or circumstances that do not create a significant likelihood of the payment of disguised compensation a receipt form is not needed.

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