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Reimbursing a club for items purchased or travel paid for with a club bank account.

Used For
  • Reimbursing Student Organizations for items purchased or travel expenses using the club’s bank account (these purchases can not be reimbursed through E-Reimbursement).
  • This is a UW Eau Claire policy. When the student Organizations were required to have their own bank account, we needed a way to reimburse purchases/travel directly to a club, since E-Reimbursement is for individual expenses.
  • All purchasing and travel policy should be followed.
Department’s responsibility/process
  1. Collect receipt copies from student org.
  2. Submit request to reimburse to A/P.
Things to Consider/Common Q’s
  • Must have original receipts.
  • We cannot reimburse Wisconsin sales tax.
  • Must purchase within University policy.

Sheri Kuberra
(715) 836-5999

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