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Food Policy

Business meetings, conferences, seminars, retreats, workshops, field trips, candidate interviews, orientations, art exhibits, book signings are all times when the food policy may be involved.

PolicyUWEC Food Practice DirectiveUWEC Food Procedure

Department's Responsibility/Process:

Ordering from Sodexo

1. Contact Sodexo to order food items required for the event. Catering 836-2632

Count Variations: You must make any changes to the number of people attending your event 48 hours prior to the event. Failure to do so will result in you being billed according to the original contract information provided. Any adjustments for changes not made within that 48 hour window prior to the event are not guaranteed and will only be made with the approval of the Catering Director. (Note: If you do not follow this step, you may be overcharged. Accounts Payable is only able to pay for those in attendance if a meal is served.) 
Working within a budget: If you are operating on a limited budget, contact the Catering Manager, Rebecca Rother, at 715-836-2632. She will work with you to create a suitable compromise within your budget.

2. Once the event is completed, you will receive an email with the subject line "Food Service Requisition", along with a link to the e-form. Note: Sodexo's invoice and their supporting documentation will be attached.

3. Review the invoice for accuracy. If there is a concern with the invoice, note the concern in the comment box and click on the "return to Sodexo" button.

4. Complete the Food Requisition E-Form when the corrected invoice is received. This is a required form. The Invoice will not be processed until the appropriate questions on the form have been answered.

5. The following information must accompany the completed Food Service Requisition when returned to Accounts Payable:

    • Agenda describing the business conducted for all meetings
    • Participant list (required for pizza, breakfast, lunch & dinner meetings only. If only refreshments are served, participant list is not required - example: open house, reception.)
    • Brochure if event is not a meeting.
    • Reason for holding a meeting over a meal period, if a meal is provided.
Ordering from an off campus vendor

1. If the total is more than $250.00 and you are consuming the food on campus, you must apply for a food waiver from Sodexo. 
2. Meal maximums apply and the maximum includes tip. Example: $21.00 for lunch means $17.50 per person for the food itself if you are tipping 20%. ($17.50 X 20% = $21) Tipping is limited to 20%.
3. Make sure to use the tax exempt number as we are tax exempt.
4. Payment options for this method

    • See if the vendor will bill UWEC. You could then submit an invoice for direct pay. Make sure to attach documentation required.
    • Use either a Corporate card, personal card, cash, or check and submit an E-Reimbursement request. Make sure to attach the receipt and required documentation.


  • Name of meeting
  • Date of meeting
  • Time (beginning/ending) of the meeting.
  • Purpose of meeting
  • Number in attendance
  • Names of attendees if this is a meal (pizza, boxed lunches, and meal tickets are meals). - Make sure to list no-shows as well as the ones that attended.
  • The reason for holding a meeting over a meal period, if a meal is provided.
  • Some food does require pre-approval (promotional and goodwill). - See Things to Consider/Common Q's for more information.


  • A flier/agenda from the event is needed.


  • A business agenda is required.
Things to Consider/Common Q's
  • Alcohol and any alcohol related charges, such as a setup fee or minimum consumption fee are not reimbursable with University funds.
  • Pizza is considered a meal, not a refreshment. (NOTE: You will need to include a participant list and a meeting agenda.)
  • Receptions: Reasonable food and beverage costs are allowed when a department is hosting a reception or program that is (a) open to the public or external constituencies, and (b) for purposes of promoting the mission of the University or department. Expenses are not allowable for receptions that are solely for social or entertainment purposes. All reception costs must be within the meal maximums prescribed for the particular time of day that the reception is held. ($20 MORNING, $21 MID-DAY, $35 EVENING)
  • Interview Candidate: Meals can be provided for required participants during the interview process. This would include the candidate, members of the Search & Screen Committee, and up to 5 other people involved in the interview process. Any additional people would have to be pre-approved by the University Controller. Students can only be included if they are a member of the Search & Screen Committee.
  • University administered funds cannot be utilized for any social functions or activities such as employee appreciation, holiday parties, retirement parties, welcome or farewell parties, office parties, etc.
  • University administered funds cannot be used to reimburse meals that consist only of internal UWEC employees during the normal workday unless such meals meet the criteria of this policy or the employee is in travel status.
  • Prior approval for food/refreshments is required for: 
    • When the intent of the food item is considered promotional in nature. This may include but is not limited to free events and using food to increase participation/involvement in said event.
    • When given away as a goodwill gesture.
  • Prior approval from the University Controller is required for meeting room costs associated with a meeting held off campus.

Katie Weldon - Sodexo Catering Manager (questions on ordering food)

Phone 715-836-2632


Sheri Kuberra - Accounts Payable (questions on food policy & paying for food)
Phone: (715) 836-5999


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