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Staff Members + Responsibilities

Accounts Payable serves as a support function to meet the University’s goals and objectives. We provide timely and accurate recording of University expenditures and ensure vendors are paid in a timely and accurate manner consistent with overall policies and procedures. We provide customer service regarding all facets of the payment process, assist with corrections, and work with the Procurement Office to ensure compliance with University policies and procedures. The AP department is responsible for a variety of functions associated with making these payments including 1099 miscellaneous

  • Process Payment to Individual Reports (PIRs) and Academic Support Service Agreements (ASSAs)
  • Payment of Utilities, Library, and Computer/Printer Software Invoices
  • Process University Centers Transfers
  • Post Housing, Recreation, and Centers Daily Revenue Journal Entries
  • Invoice and apply payments to accounts receivable
  • Payment of invoices for encumbered purchase orders (PO's)
  • Payment of Facilities Management invoices
  • Construction & Project Accounting payments
  • Credit memo application
  • Reconcile encumbrance file
  • Process Direct Payments
  • Payment of Sodexo Food Invoices
  • Process Reimbursement for Student Organizations
  • Entertainment Contracts
  • Process Refunds
  • Process Miscellaneous Special Invoices (Postage)
  • Initiate Bank Wire Payments
  • Accounts Payable Supervisor
  • Banking/Cash Management
  • W2/1099 Reporting
  • Moving Expenses
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