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Payment Card Industry (PCI) Initiative

PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance is an additional level of security that the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire provides to its valued students, faculty, staff and patrons.

The University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire and all of its subsidiaries are required to be PCI Compliant per UW System Policy. Additionally to ensure the university remains PCI Compliant, internal audits are performed periodically. For questions or help related to PCI, please contact the PCI Team via their email:

PCI Compliant
Group Link Description
General General Campus Folder Link to PCI content in SharePoint site
Application / Device Request PCI Application to Become a Merchant Department e-form

Form to:

  • Initiate request to take credit card payments
  • Order additional credit card readers
  • Order replacement credit card readers
Device Inspection Resources PCI Device Inspection Worksheet Daily inspection worksheet to be printed (if your device does not show up in serial number drop down, add it to the inventory e-form as that periodically is used to update the worksheet’s information)
PCI Device Inspection e-form Inspection form archive (enter serial number to prefill fields – periodically done to manage paper inspection sheets)
Device Inventory Resources PCI Device Inventory e-form Manage/inventory PCI devices (can update by entering the serial number – known data prefills)
Incident Response Process PCI Incident Response Plan Incident Response Plan used to guide incident Response
Internal PCI Audit Internal PCI Audit Questions and Notes List of questions typically asked during an internal PCI Audit
Policies Accepting and processing Payment Cards for University Business - V3.2.1.docx General University Credit Card Processing Policy
PCI Compliance Addendum - V3.2.1.docx Contract addendum to share with Third-Party Service providers
Patch Management Prolicy - V3.2.1.docx General patch management policy
Procedures Payment Device Verification Procedure - V3.2.1.docx Credit card reader verification steps / information
Ratified Department Procedures folder Department specific credit card handling procedures
SAQ Frequently Asked Questions

SAQ frequently asked questions and answers

Third Party Service Provider List

Current list of Third Party Service providers used by the University

CampusGuard Portal (New)

CampusGuard Portal (old)

New portal to enter SAQ information

SAQ portal from last documentation period - Resource to be used as a reference. 


Contact Information

Email account monitored by the PCI Team

* Having trouble accessing these resources, let us know by emailing us at

PCI Operating Process Tips:

See Something - Say Something - If you observe suspicious activity with regard to payment processing in your area, please report it to your manager and also to the PCI-Compliance officer (email

You can have a speed dial set up on your desk phone to streamline and cut down the wait time for the caller when transferring them to your secure phone line. If interested, send the following information to and we will set this up for you:

  1. The phone extensions where the speed dial is needed,
  2. The specific speed dial(s) position to be configured (# from top down, 1, 2, … etc), and
  3. The cell phone number itself to be called.
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