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Accounts Payable + Purchase Orders

Once a Purchase Order (PO) is created, Accounts Payable is responsible for payment of invoices against that PO as well as closing the PO.


Used For

 Invoices that should be paid on a Purchase Order, Standing (blanket) or General. Typically, any invoice for $5,000 or more needs to have an associated PO. The PO needs to be requested and approved by the Purchasing Department before the expense is incurred and invoice received.


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Department’s responsibility/process:

  • Department received invoice – what to do with it?
    • If this is for a Standing (Blanket) Order, please forward the invoice to and include the PO# it should be processed against.
      • NO receipt will be required to be entered in ShopUW+ for a Standing (Blanket) Purchase Order (please see receipt required list for exceptions to this).
    • If the invoice is for a General PO in ShopUW+, please forward the invoice to and include the PO# it should be processed against.
      • This invoice will REQUIRE a receipt (regardless of the dollar amount) be entered/created in ShopUW+.  Please follow the instructions on how to enter/create a receipt in ShopUW+.


  • Invoices that Accounts Payable receives
    • If the invoice is for a Standing (Blanket) Order, then AP will enter the invoice and pay it without reaching out to the Department – there are a FEW exceptions to this.
      • Please see receipt required list of Standing Order suppliers that UWEC will require receipts on and will follow the same procedure as the General Purchase Order invoices.
    • If the invoice is for a General Purchase Order, then AP will enter the invoice and send a comment to the department asking that a receipt be entered.
      • Please ONLY enter/create the receipt for the invoiced item(s) and/or amount. 
      • Do not receive the entire PO unless all goods/services are received. 
      • Also, do not hit complete on any invoice as this will cause the invoice to go through the payment process and cause possible exceptions which will delay payment. 
      • AP needs you to ONLY enter the receipt when you receive the comment.
    • If the invoice is for an Apple/Dell computer order that has a non-EAU prefix, then a BP Logix eForm will be initiated by the AP department and sent to the LTS consulting department for them to approve/verify the items have been received. Payment will be made after LTS confirms.
    • If the invoice is for a PO that was not created in ShopUW+, then the BP Logix eForm process will be initiated by AP to the department for invoice approval.


Things to Consider/Common Q’s

  • If tax was included, send the tax-exempt certificate to the company and request a revised invoice be sent
  • If the invoice was for more than anticipated and/or more than the PO, please provide information as to why and/or initiate a Change Order
  • Items that do not require a PO regardless of dollar amount include:
    • Subscription Fees
    • Membership Fees
    • Royalties
    • Stamps, postage, and U.S. postal services



  • Receipt
  • Standing Order Request
  • Requisition Wizard
  • Non-Conforming Purchase Documentation


Amanda Brummond

(715) 836-4529

Change Orders
Description/Used For
  • When you need to add funds to an existing PO for additional needs on that specific PO, rather than creating a new PO
  • N/A
Department’s responsibility/process
  • Know your spending/budget (WISER)
  • Have a need for the increase
  • AP may inform you that you are running low on a Standing Order and ask if you would like to do a Change Order
  • Fill out a Change Request within the Purchase Order in ShopUW+.  Include the amount that you would like to increase the PO by.
Things to Consider/Common Q’s
  • Standing Orders are typically the only PO’s that will need a Change Order
  • General/Other PO’s may need a change order if the amount originally requested is not enough for the invoice(s) coming in
  • See ShopUW+

Amanda Brummond
(715) 836-4529

Used For
  • When you no longer need a Standing Order/General PO or do not anticipate further need
Department’s responsibility/process
  • Ensure that you will not need to use the PO any longer and/or do not need to do a change order
  • The PO should have a zero balance (all invoices have been paid) or if there is a balance remaining, it is an amount that you no longer need and would like those funds unencumbered
  • Contact AP at to request the PO be closed
Things to Consider/Common Q’s
  • Do not have a PO get closed unless you are positive there is not a need for it as this process cannot be reversed
  • Most General PO’s should be closed after the specific items and/or services are rendered - this will be done automatically by AP.
  • Standing Orders most likely should only be closed at Fiscal Year End 
  • Can I rollover my PO into next fiscal year?
    • Standing Orders cannot be carried over into the next Fiscal year - they will be closed by June 15th each year. Contact AP with further questions on this.
    • Other PO's can be rolled into the next FY - AP will contact you by June 15th each year to inform you of the PO's for your department that are still open and eligible to be rolled into the new Fiscal Year.  You can decide at that time if you want it to be closed or rolled over.
    • PO's using 104 funding CANNOT be rolled
  • N/A

Amanda Brummond
(715) 836-4529

Receipt Required Suppliers - Standing Orders

***These are the suppliers that will REQUIRE a receipt be entered – this gives the department the chance to view the invoice and ensure it’s accuracy, as there have been issues in the past with invoices from these suppliers*** 

  • EO Johnson – maintenance and supplies (lease payments will NOT require a receipt) 
  • Linde (formally Praxair) 
  • WEX – Fuel Cards, please attach any/all gas station receipts to the ShopUW+ receipt 
  • L&M Mail Service 
  • Kobussen (not athletics) 
  • Student Transit 
  • Chords and Boards 
  • Carnegie 
  • Volume One
  • Paradigm 
  • Pepsi (housing exempt) 
  • Envigo 

-If you are unsure or have a question, please contact Accounts Payable- 

***The only exception to this list is Facilities Purchase Orders*** 

Create a Receipt - ShopUW+

Please follow the instructions in the document on how to create a receipt in ShopUW+

Create a Receipt for Goods or Services


If you have any questions, please contact Accounts Payable


Margie Thornton
(715) 836-4554


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