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AP Manager

Accounts Payable Manager



Responsibilities at UW-Eau Claire

Manages the Accounts Payable area. Establishes and implements policies and procedures. Responsible for all phases of non-payroll state and federal tax withholding and reporting (Form 1099, foreign student fellowships and scholarships, employee reportable reimbursements). Payments to non-resident aliens (NRA). Oversees all banking activity. PIR (Payment to Individual Reports); ASSA (Academic Support Services Agreement).

Monica Finley

Sheri Kuberra

Financial Specialist Senior

Schofield Hall 228M


Responsibilities at UW-Eau Claire
Direct Pay, Reimbursement Claims,Sodexo Invoices, Stop Payments, Refunds,  miscellaneous special invoices. International and Domestic wires.
Open position

Vacant Position

Financial Specialist Senior

228L Schofield Hall



Responsibilities at UW-Eau Claire
Payment of invoices & credits for encumbered purchase orders; Payment of Facilities Management invoices; Close purchase orders; Reconcile encumbrance file; Payments to bank for P Card & PT Card activity; Construction & Project Accounting payments; Payments of cell phones.

Kevin Brooks

Financial Specialist

Schofield Hall 228N


Responsibilities at UW-Eau Claire
Process Payment to Individual Reports (PIRs) and Academic Support Service Agreements (ASSAs).  Payment of utilities, library, and computer/software invoices.  Process University Centers transfers.