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UW System and WiSys regularly announce grant programs of interest to faculty and academic staff. Some proposals are handled by the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) and some by ORSP, as noted next to each program name. 

**Please email CETL at or ORSP at prior to developing a proposal for any of these UW System or WiSys programs.**

Program (Check program website for details and due dates)
WiSys: Spark Grant Program (ORSP)
Supports research projects where preliminary findings exist and is designed to demonstrate the commercial potential of a new concept, technology or invention and to highlight the need for and type of additional development support that would be required to take the technology closer to the marketplace. The fund provides awards of $500-$10,000 per project to faculty, academic staff, or students towards implementation and completion of short-term projects.

WiSys: Ignite Grant Program-Prototype Development (ORSP)

Funds applied research projects that support economic development in Wisconsin

UW-System: Wisconsin Teaching Fellows + Scholars (CETL)
Offers UW faculty and teaching academic staff a unique opportunity to collaborate with other exceptional teachers from across the UW System and from various disciplines. In addition to discussing illuminating works from pedagogical literature, Fellows and Scholars are guided through the process of completing a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) project with input from fellow participants and the program co-directors. Awards include $4,000 summer stipend and $500 for supplies/expenses.

UW System: Center for 21st Century Studies Fellowships (ORSP) 

Builds a community of scholars to address the pressing issues of our time, centering the humanities in its belief that innovation comes from diversity of opinions, disciplines, and experiences. Applicants propose a research project and participate in biweekly seminars. Awards of up to $1,000 are available to support research needs.

UW-System: Institute for Research in the Humanities Fellowship (ORSP)
Awards fellowships across the humanities, at all faculty ranks, based on the significance of proposed research, the record and potential of applicants, and the promise of interdisciplinary engagement in our intellectual community. Funding is provided for release time, allowing fellows to conduct research at UW-Madison's Institute for Research in the Humanities.

UW-System: Freshwater Collaborative of Wisconsin (ORSP)

The Freshwater Collaborative of Wisconsin, a partnership of Wisconsin’s 13 public universities, provides UW System-wide programs, internships and research opportunities that teach students real-world skills and funds innovative, collaborative research to solve Wisconsin’s 10 Grand Water Challenges.

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