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CERCA Sample Course Assignments

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and the CERCA Organizing Committee have designed several assignments that can be used to encourage students to participate in CERCA. Faculty and staff should feel free to borrow or adapt these assignments for their classes. To see the full assignments and accompanying grading rubrics, use this link to self-enroll in the Canvas CERCA Assignments course.

Extra Credit Assignments 

These low-stakes assignments worth 10 points promote attendance at CERCA. All of these assignments come with detailed directions and rubrics.   

CERCA Creative Arts Attendance 

CERCA Poster Presentation Attendance  

CERCA Professional Activities Attendance 

Co-Curricular Assignments 

These co-curricular assignments encourage student participation as observers at CERCA.  These assignments promote interaction with researchers. All of these assignments come with detailed directions and rubrics and are worth 25 or 50 points.  

Experiencing CERCA Assignment  

Networking at CERCA Assignment 

Curriculum and Research Connection Assignments 

These connection assignments are frameworks for you to adapt to your content area as a way to introduce students to research both within your content area and areas connected to your content. Both of these assignments should be edited to include your course details.   

CERCA Connect and Compare Issues Across Same Content Areas 

CERCA Connect and Compare Issues Across Different Content Areas 



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