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Report on Publications and Other Scholarly Achievements

The Report on Publications and Other Scholarly Achievements lists scholarly achievements of UW-Eau Claire Faculty and Staff, along with collaborating students. It is always an incomplete compendium because not everyone contributes their work, but it does provide a sense of campus scholarly productivity.

For many years (1987-88 to 2007-08) the Report was generated based on the academic year.  In 2010, to simplify determination of which volume to put publications in, it was converted to a calendar year basis.  The transitional volume of 2008-09 includes 19 months of contributions through December 2009.

Until 2013 the Report on Publications was produced as a hard copy, and included grants received as well as publications and presentations.  An index exists spanning that time period.  Starting in 2014, in response to budget and staffing cuts, the Report has only been produced as an online version, and formatting consistency was relaxed.  In addition, grants, which are extracted from the ORSP database, are presented in a spreadsheet format separate from the rest of the report.

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