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Institutional Animal Care + Use Committee (IACUC)

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee oversees and reviews the care and treatment of animals in all animal study areas and facilities of the university at least semiannually to evaluate compliance with Public Health Services Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals.

The Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals

Federal regulations require investigators to obtain approval of an animal use protocol by IACUC before commencing research using vertebrate animals.

If you intend to use vertebrate animals in research or teaching, contact the IACUC chair for information and instructions for how to proceed.

Questions? Contact Carla Lagorio, Chair of Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, 715-836-5487, Hibbard Humanities Hall 269. 

IACUC Members 2023-24

  • Carla Lagorio (2026), Chair, Psychology
  • Jamie Lyman Gingerich (2024), Biology
  • Molly Patterson (2026), English, Non-Science Member
  • Jennifer Smith (2026), Biology
  • Diane Robertson (2024), Community Representative
  • Sarah Watson (2023), Veterinarian
  • Vacant-Laboratory Manager, Biology, (ex officio and voting)
  • Kim Frodl (2026), Student Health Service, Occupational Health & Safety Consultant for Animal Research Personnel
  • ·    Erica Benson, PhD., Interim Executive Director ORSP (ex officio and non-voting)
  • Melissa Wallace, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, Research Compliance Specialist, IACUC Secretary

Fall 2023 IACUC meeting dates:

  • September 6, 2023--6:00pm-7:30pm
  • November 1, 2023--6:00pm-8:00pm

Spring 2024 IACUC meeting dates:

  • February 1, 2024--4:00-6:00pm
  • April 11, 2024--4:00-6:00pm

Meetings will be held in Hibbard Humanities Hall 180

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