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Workshops + Special Projects Travel

Background and Purpose

The Workshops and Special Projects Travel Program supports opportunities for faculty and academic staff to enhance their effectiveness in meeting current and changing needs and roles in higher education. Professional development opportunities contribute to the enhancement of teaching, advising, research skills, and institutional management.

The program will support travel to workshops and training sessions for faculty and academic staff to assist them in developing or improving skills for implementing the use of new learning materials and techniques in instruction, research, and institutional management as well as to provide opportunities to participate in established programs for such training. Proposals promoting an appreciation of cultural and other forms of diversity are encouraged. Proposals for repeated attendance at the same event annually have a low priority for funding. Average awards under this program are approximately $800 and no single award may exceed $1,500.

Funding will support proposals focusing on activities in the following areas:

  • Travel support to learn new skills required to meet a current academic challenge or to develop skills and gain experience necessary to assume an expanded or different role within the university community.
  • Travel for workshops and specialized training. Routine travel to professional meetings will not be funded from this program; however, specialized workshops or training sessions associated with annual professional meetings may be supported with appropriate documentation. 
  • Note: Assistance for travel for the purpose of presenting research findings to one’s peers at a professional meeting is available from existing department/college funds for those in a college. For those not in a college, the Travel Support for Scholarly Presentations program is available and administered through ORSP.
  • Project support to develop and implement a project, campus workshop, or webinar incorporating significant professional development. These projects and workshops should provide opportunities to develop new skills and/or knowledge that prepare faculty and academic staff for career advancement, new assignments, or performance of current assignments with greater expertise. For example, a department or unit may schedule a workshop bringing in an expert in a specific field to provide training to members of the entire department, or unit or a number of departments or schools may do so.

B. Eligibility

All University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire faculty and academic staff with at least a .5 FTE appointment during the current academic year who are, or who will be, under contract for the following academic year are eligible to apply for funding from this program.

Faculty and academic staff will not normally receive more than one grant per year under this program. Departments or units, and colleges must contribute support to the cost of the proposed professional development activity, but no specific dollar cost-share amount is required. Faculty and academic staff will be expected to make a personal contribution to their travel expenses if department/unit, college, or ORSP funds are not sufficient to cover proposed expenses.

If more than one person is included in the travel request, special justification regarding the need for multiple participants must be provided in the narrative.

Proposal will not be considered if the workshop has taken place prior to submission of the proposal.

*Due to COVID, if departments and colleges cannot contribute towards proposal, please indicate in the Comments section*

C. Application Process

The Workshops and Special Projects Travel application is processed in BP Logix and accessed through the Professional Development form. Please visit the Using eForms and BP Logix page for a detailed explanation of the eForm system.

To apply, a faculty member must initiate the Professional Development Form available from ORSP. Once the form has been initiated, choose Workshops and Special Projects Travel from the Professional Development Program drop down.

The application has four sections:

  • Basic Information: including title, program (select Workshops and Special Projects Travel), travel/event date, collaborators, and abstract (brief summary) of project.
  • Attachments:
    • Narrative: attach as a PDF or Word document. The narrative should be no more than 2-4 double-spaced pages, with page numbers, and should address:
      • Description of the course, workshop, or program (attach workshop program if appropriate).
      • Benefits of the proposed activity, focusing especially on faculty/academic staff professional development.
      • Plan for information dissemination.
      • Awards from the Workshops & Special Projects Travel Program during the past three years.
    • Supporting Documentation: may include the workshop program or other documents as appropriate.
  • Budget: all expenses must be explained and clearly related to the proposed project. These may include:
    • Mileage/Air Fare
    • Room/Lodging
    • Meal Costs
    • Tuition/Registration
    • Supplies
    • Consultant
    • Outside or additional sources of funding
  • Routing: please fill in your department chair/unit director and dean/equivalent to ensure the application is reviewed by them.

If, after submitting the form, you do not receive a confirmation email or have any questions about this, please email ORSP or call at 715-836-3405.

D. Deadlines for Application

Submit your proposal to the dean (or equivalent) by first working day of each month. Proposals may take up to 6 weeks for processing and review. If an opportunity arises that requires funding on a shorter timeline, please contact the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at 715-836-3405 to discuss options available. Proposals submitted after travel has occurred will not be considered.

E. Previous Awarded Projects

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