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Instructional Technology

Enhance your courses with technology

CETL partners with Learning and Technology Services (LTS) instructional designers to offer support for developing quality online courses and using instructional technology to enhance courses.


Canvas is the learning management system used by UW-Eau Claire faculty and instructional staff to enhance face-to-face instruction or teach courses totally online. Canvas allows “anytime, anywhere” access to course-related files, electronic submission for assignments, online quizzes and tests, e-mail, and grades.

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Classroom Technology

With the need for social distancing and live streaming in the classroom, technology is different. The Instructional Technology KB article talks about requesting technology, the availability of tools in the classroom, and other instructional technology.

iClicker Student Response System

iClicker is the student response system used on campus. CETL supports faculty with setting up courses, syncing scores to the Canvas gradebook, and providing ideas on class activities to increase student interaction.

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Instructional Video Creation

There are many ways to create instructional videos; our staff can help if you are not sure which is the best for you or if you'd like individual training. Here are some of the options: 

  • Learning Glass Studio: Schofield 42 contains a recording studio in which instructors can write on a large pane of glass while lecturing. The benefit to this recording is that the instructor's face is visible through the glass, resulting in a more engaging video. The recording equipment flips the image so it is not backwards to students viewing the video. 
  • PowerPoint Audio: For many instructors, adding audio to PowerPoint slides is a relatively easy transition to creating a video. It is possible to add audio to each slide, making it easy to revise later should materials change. Then, the PowerPoint can be exported as an mp4 and streamed on Kaltura. See this KB article for PowerPoint instructions.
  • Screencasts: If you need to record your computer screen to demonstrate how to use technology, Kaltura contains user-friendly recording tools. See for instructions. 
  • Recording Yourself or a Demonstration: If you need to record footage, there are many ways to do it! Your computer's webcam may suffice, or you can use a mobile device or borrow a camera from LTS video. 
  • LTS Video: UWEC employs talented videographers who are happy to record your event or lecture. Contact Rob Mattison ( 

CETL also has technology to lend such as microphones, Windows tablets, an iPad, a Mac laptop, and webcams. Contact Avonlea Hanson ( for assistance with anything on this page or other questions about creating instructional videos. 

Kaltura (My Media) Video System

Kaltura is a video site for storage and sharing similar to YouTube but integrated with UW-Eau Claire accounts. Kaltura standardizes video types and works on all devices, reducing problems with watching videos on different computers or mobile devices.

Online Course Development

CETL/LTS e-Learning Consultants combine technical and pedagogical expertise to assist instructors to design courses that will be successful and personalized to the instructor's teaching style. We are well-versed in Canvas, Kaltura, and other relevant, up-to-date technologies as well as trends and research-based strategies to teach online effectively. We can work with anyone teaching online, hybrid, flipped, or technology-enhanced courses at UWEC.

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Request In-Class Software Training

The LTS Training Center can help you or your class develop and advance highly sought after software skills.

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