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Individual Consultations

Meet one-on-one for ideas

CETL offers one-on-one consultations for faculty and staff who are seeking a change or interested in learning more about a teaching/learning topic.

A great way to get some formative feedback on your teaching and student engagement is to invite a CETL representative to sit in your class.  You select the instructional goal and Angie or Cindy will observe and offer feedback on what they see.   

If interested please email CETL the following information:

  • Instructional goal
  • Class name and number
  • Location, date, and time

Have you ever had a question, concern, or an interest in a topic related to teaching, learning, assessment, or technology?  Why not set up a time to talk with a CETL representative to find out more information or to get some answers.  

All you have to do is to send CETL an email indicating your interest!  Be sure to add a brief description about your question.

Fall Midterm Student Evaluations

October 11-22, 2021

Request for CETL to confidentially assess your course using students' feedback.

Collecting midterm feedback from students is always a good idea. Let CETL collect the data, compile it, and make you a report of the findings.  The process will be different this semester, but the results can be just as impactful for you and your students as the in-person process.

Here’s how it will work this semester. 

1. Request a midterm feedback survey be sent to your class via Qualtrics.

2. Talk to your students about midterm feedback. We will send you suggested language to use about who CETL is and why you asked us to collect midterm feedback. Ask your students to complete the survey and let them know how important this feedback is to you and their learning.

3. We will collect the data and compile it into a report. We will contact you to set up a virtual discussion about the report discussing the most important things your students want you to keep doing and small changes they want you to consider to help them learn better. 

Of course, you don’t have to make any changes. It is completely up to you and because this is formative data, the report is just for you. We will not send or discuss this report with anyone else.

Students love the idea that professors are willing to listen to their input and are open to change. They also like it when professors explain why certain procedures are used and why methods of teaching will not change.

Request a midterm evaluation

CETL/LTS e-Learning Consultants combine technical and pedagogical expertise to assist instructors to design courses that will be successful and personalized to the instructor's teaching style. We are well-versed in Canvas/D2L, Kaltura, and other relevant, up-to-date technologies as well as trends and research-based strategies to teach online effectively. We can work with anyone teaching online, hybrid, flipped, or technology-enhanced courses at UWEC.

Contact CETL to get connected with an e-Learning Consultant.

Have you ever been interested in watching yourself teach and how your students engage with each other in your class?  Let us know and we can arrange to have a video camera available to record one of your classes.  All you have to do is email CETL indicating your interest!

We continuously learn more about brain development and effective teaching practices. This requires us to make intentional changes to our teaching so that we stay current with research-based methods, while also meeting our students' needs. One way to acknowledge the time and effort you put into improving your teaching is to offer a letter of accomplishment. This letter can be highlighted in your tenure, promotion, or evaluation portfolio

Here is how it works:

A CETL staff member will meet with you to discuss your idea for changing your teaching. In that initial consultation you will make a plan for how to get this done.

Use this Instructional Change Project form to document your planning, implementation, and assessment/reflection process. When completed, submit this form to your CETL consultant to receive your Letter of Accomplishment. We will copy your Department Chair and Dean to make them aware of your commitment to teaching and learning.

Ideas to improve your teaching can come from just about anywhere, here are a few ideas to consider: 

  • request a midterm student evaluation

  • join a CETL program

  • observe a colleague teaching

  • speak with a colleague or CETL staff member

  • read a scholarly article

  • attend/present at a professional conference

Contact, Angie Stombaugh, or Cindy Albert to get started.

Click here to request professional assistance with SPSS data analysis for completing research.

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