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Meet one-on-one for ideas

CETL offers one-on-one consultations for faculty and staff who are seeking a change or interested in learning more about teaching/learning topics.

In-Class Observation

A great way to get some formative feedback on your teaching and student engagement is to invite a CETL representative to sit in your class. You select the instructional goal, and a CETL staff member will observe and offer feedback on what they see.   

If interested please email CETL the following information:

  • Instructional goal
  • Class name and number
  • Location, date, and time
Individual Consultation

Have you ever had a question, concern, or interest in a topic related to teaching, learning, assessment, or technology?  Why not set up a time to talk with a CETL representative to find answers or to get more information.  

All you have to do is to send CETL an email indicating your interest! Be sure to add a brief description about your question. CETL staff can meet in person or virtually.

Midterm Student Evaluation

Spring 2024 Midterm Student Evaluation

March 4-15, 2024

Collecting midterm feedback from students is always a good idea. Let CETL collect the data, compile it, and make you a report of the findings.

The focus for CETL is student learning: What is helping students learn, what is not helping students learn, and what are students doing to help themselves learn better? You have two options this semester: an online process using a Qualtrics survey or an in-person focus group.

Option 1: The Qualtrics survey will be sent to your class list on the date you select, and a reminder will be sent three days later. For best results, we ask you to introduce the process and explain why you value your students' feedback. We will send you sample language to use to introduce the process. A report will be compiled and sent to you shortly after the survey closes with an invitation to meet with a CETL representative to discuss your report.

Option 2: The in-person focus group requires you to plan for 20 minutes either at the beginning or end of your class period for a CETL representative to introduce the process, distribute a group note sheet with questions, and facilitate a short focus group discussion with your class about the most important ideas they would like you to know about. A report will be compiled and sent to you shortly after the focus group with an invitation to meet with a CETL representative to discuss your report.

You do not have to make any changes. Because this is formative data, the report is just for you. We will not share or discuss this report with anyone else.

Students love the idea that professors are willing to listen to their input and are open to change. They also like it when professors explain why certain procedures are used and why methods of teaching will not change.

Request a midterm student evaluation

Collegial Consultant

Click here to request professional assistance with SPSS data analysis for completing research.

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