Dean of Students

A safety net for Blugolds

In addition to sponsoring many of the incredible opportunities and programs on campus, such as Student Senate, National Student Exchange, Campus Harvest Food Pantry, Campus Closet and support of the Veteran’s Center, the folks in the Dean of Students office are your advocates for just about any jam you might find yourself in as a student. From academic struggles to a medical or personal emergency, this is the place to turn for help. The DOS also oversees adherence to campus policies concerning student conduct, and is dedicated to creating a safe campus for all.


Dr. Joe Abhold, Dean of Students

Don’t let the word Dean fool you — this office is here to help and support you, and is not a scary place at all. Students, parents and families can rest assured that there really is a system in place to catch those signs that a student is struggling, to find them assistance and get them back on track for success.

Dr. Joseph Abhold is our current Dean of Students, and he’s an engaged and accessible guy, active in addressing rights and concerns of all Blugold students. You can count on seeing Dr. Abhold often at events throughout your time at UWEC, from orientation and Welcome Week, to Homecoming, athletics events, finals week support events, and commencement ceremonies.  

Another function of the DOS is to provide information and resources to faculty and staff, ensuring that they fully understand their role in student success and have all the tools needed to fulfill that role.


The University of Wisconsin — Eau Claire is a magical place and what happens here truly does change the world. I warmly encourage you to visit the Dean of Students Office so that we may help you enrich your college experience and achieve your fullest potential. Whether we are the first office you come to for assistance or the last place you think to call, our staff is here to help you make the most of your Blugold experience.

Joe Abhold, Dean of Students

Joe's got your back

Joe Abhold, Dean of Students, at Opening Day in Zorn Arena
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