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Choosing a great exchange location

There are nearly 180 colleges or universities from which to choose throughout the United States and Guam, the Virgin Islands, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Selecting the right exchange college or university can be a very challenging process as one attempts to become acquainted with the curriculum, geography, and cultural options offered by a variety of institutions.

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To begin your National Student Exchange journey, attend an informational session and talk to NSE coordinators, listen to past students' experiences, and receive application materials.

Then, take time to explore the National Student Exchange website where you will find an interactive map and detailed descriptions of participating campuses

Here are some important questions to consider: 

  • What academic and personal goals do I hope to achieve while on exchange?
  • Which institution can best help me accomplish my goals?
  • Will the exchange enhance my professional plan?
  • How will my graduation be affected?
  • Do I have sufficient financial resources for this experience?
  • What do I know about my potential host campus and region?
  • Is it sufficiently different to make it an interesting experience?
  • Do placement statistics from recent placement conferences indicate I'm identifying realistic alternatives in my list of school choices?
  • How will my classes transfer back to UW-Eau Claire?
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NSE Application

There are several very important and time-sensitive steps to applying for the National Student Exchange program, so be sure to read carefully. Check here for the calendar of informational meetings.

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