DOS for faculty

The role of faculty and staff

One of the jobs of the Dean of Students is to provide faculty and staff with the knowledge and tools they need to best assist and promote the academic and personal success of our students. Whether is it a classroom situation, a feeling of concern for the health or safety of a student, or need for addressing a conduct violation, you will find the information and tools here.

Classroom Behavior

All of us are committed to creating a campus environment that is welcoming to everyone, intellectually challenging, supportive and fulfilling. Academic Affairs and Student Affairs work together to support the fullest development of our students. Suggested syllabus language that lays out classroom behavior expectations can help students, especially new students, to negotiate a university classroom. We fully support your efforts to create your classroom learning environment.

If, in your judgment, a student's behavior is disruptive or could potentially pose a threat, then you should contact one of us.

See the Blugold Code for more information.

Academic Misconduct Process information.

Student in Distress Flowchart


It is the responsibility of faculty to determine if a student’s absence fits under the excused absence policy. When a student is in the midst of a crisis or medical illness that prevents them from communicating directly with faculty, the Dean of Students office will send out absence notifications. There may also be times when a student is dealing with an issue so sensitive that they feel unable to share it with their instructors. When this is the case, we will notify faculty that we have documented a student has an extenuating circumstance falling under the excused absence policy. Finally, there may be times when we are working with a student who has been experiencing some ongoing issues that have impacted their academic attendance or performance. In these cases we may reach out to you and ask you to give the student some consideration regarding their attendance or timeliness. Please contact us if you ever have questions concerning absences or the absence policy.


Medical Issues and Personal Crises

Along with you, we are available to help students work through difficult times. We know that faculty and advisors do a great deal of this, but we are well poised to help steer students towards both on and off campus resources.

Please don't hesitate to refer a student to our office if you feel that we could be of some assistance to them.

Students in Distress brochure

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