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Consumer Information

The Student Right to Know Act passed in 1990 requires institutions receiving Title IV funding to provide the following information.

  • Graduation Rates Graduation Rates for UW-Eau Claire Factbook
  • Retention Rates Retention rates for UW-Eau Claire Factbook
  • Retention and Graduation Rates reported to IPEDs by UW-system:
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    Diversity & Equity
    Academic Programs and Faculty
    Cost of Attendance
    Financial Aid
    Transfer Students
    Withdraw from the University
    Refund and Return of Title IV
    Students with Disabilities
    Campus Crime
    Complaints and Grievances


    Contact and Procedure for Consumer Information and Student Right to Know:

    The Accreditation Liaison Officer is responsible for verifying the update and distribution of required annual disclosures on or before October 1 of each year. Notification of availability and link to information will be included in the annual letter from the Dean of Students office. Questions or requests for information may be directed to Mary Hoffman (

    For additional information regarding the topics above please contact the following departments:

    Blugold Central 
    • Cost of Attendance
    • Financial Aid
    • Refund and Return Policies
    • Eligibility For Financial Aid for Study Abroad
    • FERPA
    Advising, Retention, and Career Center
    • Withdraw from the University
    • Transfers for current students


    • Prospective student transfers