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Where to turn for help

Experiencing a trauma or crisis in frightening, and the Dean of Students office is here to guide you through the process of responding and recovering to such events. Find out what information, policies and resources are available to you.

See the menu to the left for the information, reporting tools and resources for the personal traumas, safety violations, and acts of violence for which the Dean of Students office and the campus have  management protocol ready to help students at these difficult times.

If you have a safety concern of your own or a concern about a fellow student that you do not see in the menu to the left, please still contact the Dean of Students office for assistance, or make a report. 

Information on Sexual Assault - Report a Sexual Assault

Information on Dating/Domestic Violence - Report Dating/Domestic Violence

Information on Stalking - Report Stalking

Information on Harassment and Discrimination 

Information on Bias/Hate Incidents - Report a Bias/Hate Incident

Information on HazingReport a Hazing Incident

Information on Eau Claire City Ordinances

Responsible Action Guidelines

When a person's life is in danger due to alcohol consumption, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire students are expected to seek immediate assistance, including calling 9-1-1. The purpose of these guidelines is to foster student responsibility and learning, while simultaneously ensuring the safety of our students and community.

These guidelines apply only to disciplinary actions related to the caller's personal consumption of alcohol. They do not apply to supplying of alcohol, use or possession of other drugs illegally, or other crimes, and they may not apply to students involved in repeated violations of university alcohol policies.

For more information, see the Responsible Action Guidelines policy

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