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Eau Claire City Ordinances

The City of Eau Claire is committed to a policy of fairness for all citizens. Eau Claire City Council firmly believes that a diverse citizenry is a strength and an asset for the community. The city strongly supports institutional practices and policies that respect differences and that prohibit discriminatory or prejudicial behavior toward any group or individual based on race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or family status.

If you have any questions about the enforcement of city codes and regulations, the provision of city services, or the behavior of city employees, please contact:

City Manager's Office
City of Eau Claire
203 S. Farwell Street
Eau Claire, WI 54701

For a full description of Eau Claire city ordinances, click here.

The following information regarding city ordinances may be of interest to students, faculty, and staff at UW-Eau Claire. For additional information contact the Office of the City Attorney.

24-hour Parking Rule

It is unlawful to park on any city street not otherwise regulated for more than 24 hours at a time without moving a vehicle at least 75 feet.

Snow Emergency Routes

It is unlawful to park on any snow emergency route during a declared snow emergency until that route has been plowed curb to curb and it has stopped snowing.

Calendar Day Parking Regulations

Between November 1 and May 1, alternate side parking regulations are in effect on all streets in the City of Eau Claire:

  • On odd-numbered days, vehicles shall only be parked, stopped or left standing on that side of the street having odd-numbered addresses.
  • On even-numbered days, vehicles shall only be parked, stopped or left standing on that side of the street having even numbered addresses.
  • This ordinance shall only be in effect between midnight and 7:00 a.m.
  • This ordinance shall not supersede more restrictive parking regulations in effect in the city, such as during snow emergencies on “Snow Emergency Routes,” “No Parking 2:00 a.m.- 6:00 a.m.” zones, etc. You must still abide by those rules as well.
  • Pay parking tickets promptly.
  • Any individual receiving a parking ticket from the City of Eau Claire or any other jurisdiction should pay that ticket in a prompt fashion. Failure to do so will result in the amount of the ticket being multiplied tenfold, and suspension of the vehicle registration if ticket is not paid.
Selling Liquor Without a License

It is unlawful to sell beer or any alcoholic beverage without first possessing a license. Any attempt to circumvent this law by simply accepting “donations” or other schemes is equally unlawful.

Loud Parties

The City has a specific ordinance that prohibits excessive noise. This governs stereos, loud voices, etc. Any individual hosting a party should be very careful to keep the guests at a reasonable number, and make sure that noise levels are controlled. This is the single, largest complaint about parties that are held by the student population, and often leads to arrest for other violations of the law.

Repeater Ordinance

When a resident or residents of a certain house have been charged and convicted with a party-related offense, the landlord may be charged if such activity occurs again. This may result in a forfeiture of up to $500 for the landlord, and could obviously lead to eviction action being taken against the tenants.

Shoveling of Sidewalks (City Notice)

City ordinances require the owner to keep sidewalks free of snow and ice during the winter months. If owners fail to do so, the city will perform the work itself, and charge the landlord for the labor and equipment. In addition, the property owner will be charged with a violation of city ordinances with a $213.10 forfeiture. While this burden rests with the owner, many leases require tenants to provide this service. Failure to do so could be construed as a violation of the lease, and may require the tenant to repay the costs incurred by the landlord under this ordinance. Any individual having a question about parking, parties, or other matters of concern may contact the Police Department Special Services Bureau at 715-839-4993 or the City Attorney’s Office at 715-839-4902.

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