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Welcome to the Dean's office

Welcome to our virtual office! The Dean of Students Office provides an array of services and programs to support UW-Eau Claire students by promoting a supportive and socially responsible campus community, advocating for the needs of all students, encouraging student leadership and accountability, and providing crisis services and conflict resolution.

Our Mission

Joe Abhold, Dean of Students

Dr. Joe Abhold, Dean of Students

The Dean of Students Office encourages and supports the personal growth and academic development of our students through programs and services that enrich the Blugold experience. 

The Dean and staff are here to answer questions and concerns of students, faculty, staff and families. This is the place to start when seeking help for anything from a medical or personal crisis or for help in finding the assistance to get back on track in your academics. 

The biggest thing to know is that the Dean of Students is here to make sure all students remain safe and can thrive academically and personally in an inclusive and caring campus community. 

The University of Wisconsin — Eau Claire is a magical place and what happens here truly does change the world. I warmly encourage you to visit the Dean of Students Office so that we may help you enrich your college experience and achieve your fullest potential. Whether we are the first office you come to for assistance or the last place you think to call, our staff is here to help you make the most of your Blugold experience.

Joe Abhold, Dean of Students

Are you a fellow student or faculty member concerned about a Blugold? We can help.

Our commitment is to the health, safety and well-being of all Blugolds, and we have developed a system for making sure that one of our own does not slip through the cracks. If you are a faculty member, staff, or fellow student and you have health or safety concerns about a student please let us know. It is the work of this office to get students the help and services they need, but we can't help when we don't know. That is where the whole campus community plays a role. See the link below to submit a form to identify a student you feel needs our attention.

Student of concern report


Bias/hate incident reporting

We need the help of everyone to properly and swiftly identify and address any acts of violence, discrimination, intimidation or hate on this campus. Any person on campus who is the target of or has knowledge of a bias/hate incident is asked to file a report. If the incident is in the midst of occurring and anyone is in danger or injured, please call 911. Call this office or campus police in cases of lesser emergency. And at any time of day, please follow the link below to learn more about this process and submit the form for reporting an bias/hate incident.

Report an incident


Call 715-836-5626 or email us for an appointment. 

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7:45 am - 4:30 pm
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1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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