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IRB Course Certification Form


The UW-EC Course Certification policy allows instructors the choice of assuming the responsibility of the IRB for low risk projects conducted as part of a course. The instructor will certify to the IRB that she/he will exercise reasonable and customary instructional supervision to ensure that all student research projects are conducted in compliance with IRB policies. This policy facilitates direct and continuous feedback during a student's first research exposure. 

Faculty and academic staff requesting course certification must:

  1. Complete the online Human Subject Protection Tutorial.
  2. Review the IRB policies detailed in the IRB Prologue and General Policies with all students enrolled in the course being requested for certification prior to the initiation of data collection from human subjects. Instructors are encouraged (not required) to use the tutorial as part of the educational process, often as a group or classroom undertaking. You may wish to have a member of the IRB review the University policies with your students.
  3. Submit the IRB – course certification request form prior to the initiation of any data collection by students in the course. See the BP Logix tip sheet on how to start this form.
  4. Exercise reasonable and customary instructional supervision in an attempt to ensure student compliance with the policies detailed in the IRB Prologue and General Policies.
Since student projects will not be individually reviewed by the IRB, cover letters and/or consent forms must include the following statement:
This survey (project, etc.) is being conducted in partial fulfillment of the course requirements for (COURSE TITLE), taught by (INSTRUCTOR'S NAME), at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. This course is in compliance with the course certification requirements of the University Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects.

All students also must be advised that if they are planning to conduct their research in elementary, middle, or secondary schools, their research proposal must be submitted to the Associate Dean of the School of Education and Human Sciences prior to its initiation in accordance with University policies. Those projects to be conducted in the Eau Claire Area School District must also be approved through their administrative offices.