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Online software system for paperwork

BP Logix is an online software system that handles paperwork workflow. It allows users to submit and sign off on forms (eForms) that must be viewed and approved by several users. Many of the forms that must be submitted to ORSP are only on BP Logix.

ORSP eForms active in BPLogix:

Common Problems

BP Logix, at times, can be a bit non-intuitive and temperamental. If you have a form that is not submitting or saving, it is likely due to one of the following:

  1. Users trying to edit or submit a form from the View Forms in Process tab. Please close the form and access your form from the My Tasks tab (see description of tabs below).
    Common Problems
  2. Users not waiting for BP Logix to finish loading after submitting a form. Please close BP Logix and try to submit your form again paying attention that the loading symbol disappears.


Common Problems


BP Logix - Tabs

After you log into BP Logix, you will notice 5 tabs at the top. The tabs are as follows:

  1. My Tasks: displays all the forms in your workflow. Click here to edit or submit a form in your workflow.
  2. View Forms in Process: displays all forms you have handled that are still in process. Forms cannot be edited or submitted from here.
  3. Searching: several options for finding forms.
  4. Help: contains a link to BP Logix help.
  5. Start New Form: will launch all UW-Eau Claire eForms.
Common Problems


Common Problems


Starting a Form

In order to start a new form, you will need to use your universal UW-Eau Claire username and password to login to BP Logix at Once logged into BP Logix, you will need to:

  1. Select the "Start New Form" tab.
  2. Select an appropriate department from the pull-down (e.g. ORSP).
  3. Click the appropriate form from the list of available forms for your chosen department.
Starting a Form


A pop-up will ask "Are you sure you want to start this process?" After clicking "OK," BP Logix may take a moment to load. Once BP Logix has finished loading, the form will pop up in a new window. If you followed the steps above and your form did not automatically open, it may be available under your "My Tasks" tab.

Multiple forms:
If you keep opening forms from the 'Start New Form' tab, you will have several duplicate forms. Try to avoid this as deleting multiple forms can be tedious.

Delete a form:
You may delete duplicate forms by opening a started form under 'My Tasks' and clicking the button at the bottom "Delete Form and Workflow"

Filling Out a Form

Fill in all required fields:
All fields in red must be filled-in before the form can be submitted. For any sections that require a narrative, you may type or paste in text, or attach documents near the end of the form.

Using the "User Chooser" or [...] button:
In fields that require you to select a UWEC faculty or student, you will need to use the "…" button. For example, the following field in the "IRB Initial Form Submission" form requires you to use the "…" button:

1.Click  [...].
2.The "User Chooser" window will pop-up.
3.Type the name of the student or faculty and hit "Go". If you are searching by last name and first name, you will need to type the last name first, followed by the first name, and separated by a comma. Tip: If a name is not found in a search, try typing only a part of the name or their email address and search again.
4. After BP Logix is done searching, a list of names will appear. Check the box next to the pertinent student, faculty, or staff member and click OK near the bottom of the window. Once you select the name, BP Logix will close the window and automatically fill in their details.
5. Since there may be several names in the database that are similar, use the email address to confirm you've selected the correct user.

Saving a form to edit or work on later:
You may save a form and continue filling it out later. To do so, please click “Save and Close for Later” at the bottom of the page.

Opening and Resuming a Saved Form:
To open a saved form:

Using my tabsmin BP Logix
  1. Click on your "My Tasks" tab.
  2. Choose the appropriate saved form from the list.
  3. Your form will open in a new browser window.
Submitting a Form

Approval Routing:
Many forms require you to fill in an appropriate routing order. Often, this includes your Chair/Unit Director or Dean/Unit Head but varies from form to form. This is done at the bottom of the form using the "User Chooser".

Submit a Form:
When you are done with a form, you will need to submit it. This will automatically notify and send the form to the next person on the routing order. Click the appropriate button at the bottom of the form to submit. For example, at the bottom of the CERCA form, you will need to click

"Send to Faculty"

Do not close the browser window yet!

If you are missing required fields, the form will notify you when you try to submit. If this is the case, a window will pop up notifying you. The top of the form will also display a warning message.

The LOADING image:
Once you send a form to the next person in the routing order, you must wait for BP Logix to finish loading. Many people who have problems with forms don't wait for BP Logix to finish loading. While loading, a loading icon will appear at the top of your form. When BP Logix has finished processing a form, the browser window containing your form will automatically close. If you close the browser window before BP Logix has finished processing your form, your form may not get submitted.

After Submission:
Once you submit your form, it may be viewed but not changed. To view submitted forms, click the "View Forms in Process" tab.

Upon submission, you will receive an email with a PDF of your form attached. If you do not receive the email with the attached PDF or have any questions about this, please contact the main contact responsible for the form. For ORSP forms, contact or 715-836-3405. After submission, you can view and track the progress of your form under the View Forms In Process tab.

where is the Form

Form workflow:
Each form can only be edited by one person at a time. If you are the current "user" in the routing order, it will be available in your "My Tasks" folder. If a form is not in your My Tasks folder, it is in another user's My Tasks folder and, therefore, will not be editable by you. However, you will always be able to read it in the View Forms in Progress folder.

Printing and sharing a PDF of your form:
Many forms have an option to print the form near the bottom. If your form does not have this option, you can print a form at any time by following these steps. Note: these instructions assume you have CutePDF installed, and are written with Internet Explore in mind, but the process will be similar with most browsers and PDF printing software.

1. With the form open, press control P on your keyboard.
2. A new window should open. Select CutePDF Writer (installed by default on campus computers). 
3. Select a name and location to save your PDF when prompted.
4. A PDF version of your form will then be generated.

Who to call for questions or additional help:
Call the main contact responsible for the form. For example, for questions on a Small Research Grants application, call ORSP at 715-836-3405, or email

Some Helpful Resources:
Learning and Technology Services offers a number of resources to help you learn about and navigate through the Eforms system. Here are some helpful documents that should get you started.

Additional Text Documentation on Eforms (pdf):

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