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Know of someone on campus doing a great job?

UW-Eau Claire values stewardship and sustainability, equity, diversity and inclusiveness, innovation and continuous improvement and leadership. The purpose of this award is to recognize a university staff member, or team, who through their actions at work, exemplifies these values.

Know of someone on campus doing a great job? Nominate any university staff for the Employee Appreciation Award. The button to the right links to a short and easy to complete form. You may remain anonymous if you so choose.

Monthly Drawing
The pool of nominees will be compiled and recognized monthly. All nominees will receive a certificate (signed by the Chancellor) and letter recognizing their nomination. Of the monthly pool of nominees, a random drawing will be held to award a "Token of Appreciation" to one employee. The winner can choose from a selection of prizes valued around $25. On-campus sponsors include Blugold Dining, University Bookstore, University Recreation and Sport Facilities, Service Center, and Alumni Foundation.

Recent Drawing Winners:

  • Diane Stegner Roadt - Sept. 2017
  • Shawn Seuferer - Aug. 2017
  • Stephannie Regenauer - July 2017

Nominations will remain in the pool for six months from the month of their nomination to give all nominees an equal amount of time to win a "Token of Appreciation."

Recent Employee Appreciation Award Recipients

Cindy Schmidt, Student Health Services – Cindy was nominated on August 24th, 2017 by Bridget Torgerson.

Cindy's nominator said this:

"Cindy has always been our quiet port in every storm. Although hosting a quiet disposition, Cindy is not shy when it comes to helping out on chaotic clinical days. Feast or famine, Cindy knows how to remain calm, help those in need, keep her bearings and do her job. We can always count on Cindy for helping students/patients establish care here at Student Health Services. Cindy is great at helping our new international students with making appointments, helping sick patients figure out how to get seen ASAP and also helping non-acute patients move through the "clinic process" effortlessly and seamlessly. Many of our students are making a DR. appt for the first time away from home. She is often the first voice they hear and immediately puts them at ease and guides them through the process. Cindy is a great asset to our team and knows how to whip a supply room into tip top shape. Cindy, keep doing what you are doing, we all appreciate you so much!"

Thank you Cindy on behalf of all University Staff!

Diane Stegner Roadt, Records and Registration – Diane was nominated on June 16th, 2017 by Shawn Seuferer.

Diane's nominator said this:

"Everybody is swamped this time of year, right? Well, a student needed a notary for some documents and was turned away from an office because "we are too busy with Orientation. Come back later." I contacted Diane who was happy to help the student. Job accomplished. This is how Diane is. If there is a job to do, someone in need of assistance, or a need to find a better way, Diane is on it and follows through to completion. Thanks, Diane!"

Thank you Diane on behalf of all University Staff!

Shawn Seuferer, ASK Center – Shawn was nominated on April 20th, 2017 by Faith Bogstad.

Shawn's nominator said this:

"Shawn has been able to answer several questions as the Firstsource Professional – but she is also so calm about things, it's been very helpful. Shawn also has gone above her "typical" duties by helping me with a couple of things that I had forgotten or missed and most especially -she makes me laugh as well! Thanks so much Shawn!"

Thank you Shawn on behalf of all University Staff!

Stephannie Regenauer, Foundation – Stephannie was nominated on April 18 th, 2017 by Jane Larson.

Stephannie's nominator said this:

"I would like to nominate Stephanie Regenauer for the Univeristy Staff award. Stephanie started in the Foundation office as a student, and after graduation was hiried on to work in the office, and does spectacular job. She also has taken on the student training responsibilities for the foundation/alumni students, which is a very time consuming process as the new students start. She has gone out of her way to come in at special times to accomodate the students schedules. Steph also shows great patience with each and everyone, and is willing to help with any problems that arise. Steph is also a very valuable person for the Foundation and Alumni offices. Thank you, Stephanie!"

Thank you Stephannie on behalf of all University Staff!

Amanda Carrier, UWEC Police Department – Amanda was nominated on October 26, 2016 by Joel Field.

Amanda's nominator said this:

"Officer Carrier went above and beyond to help a student in crisis. Officer Carrier was called to a resident hall in the month of October at 2:00 AM. The caller was having a panic attack and needed someone to talk with and was looking for help. Officer Carrier met with the caller for around an hour and a half. Officer Carrier listened and conversed with the caller about her panic attack, life/school stressors, depression symptoms and mental health related topics. After listening and talking, the caller was feeling much better and the panic attack symptoms lowered. She was then able to concentrate on her school work and able to study for a big exam the next morning. Officer Carrier showed a true interest in helping this student. Although this is one example by Officer Carrier, this is not the first time she has gone above and beyond to help. This is a great example of an officer doing everything they can to help someone in need, that is outside of the "normal" law enforcement duties."

Thank you Amanda on behalf of all University Staff!

Jean Hince, Blugold Central – Jean was nominated on September 12, 2016 by Nancy Amdahl.

Jean's nominator said this:

"Hats off to Jean Hince! I appreciate Jean's friendly smile and positive attitude! Jean has been one of my go-to-people regarding registration questions and issues for several years! I'm guessing the transition to the new Blugold Central has been overwhelming for Jean, as well as many others. It is admirable how Jean has remained cheerful and positive throughout it all! Our campus is fortunate to have Jean on our team! :-) Go Team Jean, and all the other hard-working folks in Blugold Central!"

Thank you Jean on behalf of all University Staff!

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