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Committee descriptions and responsibilities

Each committee is committed to diversity and as such will develop policies, processes and procedures that are accessible, equitable and inclusive to meet the needs of a diverse university community.

Committee Vacancies 

University Staff Committees

University Staff Committee members are elected by and from university staff. The membership term is for 3 years. See the University Staff Bylaws for more information.

University Staff Compensation Committee

The Compensation Committee is responsible for the development and oversight of various policies, procedures and approaches to compensation issues relating to the University Staff.

University Staff Personnel + Grievance Committee

The Committee monitors, tracks, and reviews UW-System and institutional policies and procedures that effect University Staff, sharing with USC and the executive committee any recommendations or items for further discussion by University Staff.  The committee is also responsible for local implementation of the grievance procedures outlined by UW System.

University Staff Council Committees

University Staff Council Committee members are elected by the University Staff Council from the University Staff. The membership term is for 3 years. See the University Staff Council Bylaws for more information.

University Staff Council Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee is responsible for recommending amendments to the Constitution of the University Staff, the University Staff Bylaws and the University Staff Council Bylaws to the University Staff Council.

University Staff Council Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for development, maintenance and updating of the University Staff website. The committee is also responsible for communication with the university staff and the university community as a whole as deemed necessary, and for soliciting feedback from university staff when warranted. 

University Staff Council Employee Appreciation Committee

The Employee Appreciation Committee is responsible for soliciting nominations and coordinating the various
recognitions and incentives of the Employee Appreciation Program.

University Staff Council Funding Committee

The Funding Committee is responsible for decisions regarding applications submitted for funding from the University Staff Professional Development Fund, the Grant Fund to Assist University Staff and the University Staff Scholarship Fund.

University Staff Council Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee solicits and presents nominations for all positions or vacancies to be filled by University Staff.


University Staff Council Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee, in conjunction with the University Staff Council, plans and executes University Staff professional development activities. The committee is also responsible for publicity and promotion of such events.

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