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Answering Your Questions about the Student Success Program

Answers to all of your questions about the Student Success Program. Please contact us if you have any other questions!

Why Was I Selected for the Student Success Program?

You were selected for the Student Success Program because UWEC WANTS YOU!

That's right...we see enormous potential in you, which is why you have been offered admission to UWEC through the Student Success Program. We know that admission statistics like ACT scores, GPAs, and class ranks only paint part of the picture.  We have looked at your application and see a FUTURE BLUGOLD--someone who attains academic success, gets involved in their campus and community, and excels personally.

Participation in the Student Success Program will help you transition from high school, develop effective study habits, meet and connect with peers, and have a little extra support as you begin this amazing journey through college.

Will This Put Me Behind?

Many students worry at first about whether participation in the Student Success Program will put them behind, make it harder to graduate on time, or waste their time and money on credits they don't need. 

The answer to these concerns is...NO!

All the courses in the Student Success Program program count toward graduation! Three of the credits are electives (which you will need in every major), and three of the credits count toward your Cultural Diversity and your Humanities credits (also required for every major).

Also, the classes required for the Student Success Program are also available to (and popular with) other students on campus. So you don't need to worry about taking some "weird" classes or feel uncomfortable about being in them. Past participants have overwhelmingly been satisfied with them!

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