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What Does This Program Entail?

The Student Success Program is a one-semester academic support program that provides small classes and a structured introduction to the university for first- year students.

There are two main components to the Student Success Program

Take GEN 110 – Strategies for Academic Success in the fall

This 2-credit course meets twice a week in the fall and is taught by the Student Success Program Coordinator.  It will help students transition to UWEC by connecting them with various campus resources and helping them develop academic skills.

Take GEOG 178 – Planet Earth: Conservation of the Environment in the fall

This 3-credit course is a rigorous, Liberal Education (LE) course taught by geography faculty that fulfills requirements for every major and serves as a great introduction to college-level work. Students will directly apply skills from GEN 110 to work in GEOG 178.  During summer orientation, students will work with their advisor to choose the rest of their fall schedule. With a course load of 12-15 credits, there is still plenty of room to select other courses that fulfill graduation requirements and meet student interests.

But that's not get the benefit of other components as well:

Apply for the John D. Lassek Scholarship which will be awarded to one student in the program after completion of the Fall 2024 semester. This scholarship is a $2,000 award during the spring semester of the student’s freshman year. The scholarship is renewable for up to an additional three years ($1,000 each semester) for a student who maintains full-time status and good academic standing. In total, over 4 years the renewable award will provide $8,000 toward the tuition cost at UWEC. All students participating in the Student Success Program will be invited to apply for the scholarship during the Fall 2024 semester. More information on this opportunity will be provided during Blugold Experience Days and throughout the fall semester.   

Service-learning opportunities will be available to all Student Success Program participants in the spring semester. Service-learning projects encourage students to explore Eau Claire, make meaningful contributions to the community, and build relationships with other participants.

Out of class activities and events help students build a sense of community and make connections to the University.

Course tutoring is available for students to utilize in many 100 and 200 level courses. Click the link to learn more about tutoring services. 

Peer academic coaching provides one-on-one guidance and support for students to develop various academic skills to have a successful collegiate experience.  Click the link to learn more about peer academic coaching.

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