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Our Academic Success Courses

The Academic Skills Center offers credit-bearing General Studies courses that introduce students to campus life and help them to apply success strategies and build academic skills. Students also become familiar with a wide range of academic support services and increase academic self-confidence. Contact your academic adviser to inquire about permission to register for one of our General Studies courses described below.

GEN 110 - Strategies for Academic Success (2 credits)

This course assists students in their academic, personal, and social development as they learn college-level academics and adjust to college life.  Students learn strategies necessary to reach their goals at UWEC by engaging in an array of topics including time management, goal setting, test taking, resilience, holistic wellness, campus resources, effective learning, and study habits.

GEN 201 - Student Success Seminar (2 credits)

This course assists returning students in assessing academic strengths and weaknesses, becoming self-regulated learners, and creating student success plans.  Sections are designed for students who want to improve their academic standing.

For more information, contact:

Tricia K. Armstrong 
Interim Associate Director of Academic Skills Center
Centennial 2104
UW-Eau Claire

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