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Let's make your goals a reality!

Are you looking to make the most of your academic experience? We know how you feel. 

Below, you'll find a wide variety of curated resources to help you be the best student you can be. These resources are a great first step in getting a handle on your classes.

Active Learning Strategies

Many students study in a “passive” way by reading, highlighting, and underlining their notes.  This is a fine first step in a study process, but it should be followed by an “active” study technique. Active techniques include some form of self-testing so one can see what information they are understanding and what concepts they need to review 

 Click below to explore a variety of resources geared to help you improve your study habits. 

Learn more about active learning

Time Management and Productivity

Efficient time management practices are central to meeting one’s academic goals.  Making the most of your time also promotes positive mental health as it helps to balance school and employment responsibilities with time for relaxation.   

Click below to learn more about optimizing your time and productivity. 

Learn more about time management

Reading in College

Reading in college can be hard. Click below for strategies to improve your ability to understand and retain the information you are reading. 

Learn more about reading comprehension

Note-taking Strategies

Most students have heard that it is important to take notes. Still, the process of taking effective notes is often less familiar. Click below to learn more about how to take good notes and effective note-taking systems.  

Learn more about the importance of note taking

Ace your exams

Are you interested in improving your test-taking skills? Click below to learn more about preparing for exams, strategies for performing well during a test, and ways to reflect on past exams.

Learn more about exam preparation

Reduce your stress

Mental Health plays a big part in reaching your academic goals.  Click below to learn about some strategies for managing academic stress.

Learn more about managing stress


The ASC also offers a lot more help! Click here to learn more about our free services that we provide to all UWEC students!

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