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Our SI Program

Looking for a structured study group to improve your grades? 

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a program offered by the Academic Skills Center for students in select courses. The SI leaders attend all lectures for the courses in the program and facilitate sessions that allow you to enhance your learning by comparing your class notes with others, review and discuss important concepts, develop appropriate strategies for studying, and prepare for exams. All SI sessions are free. You may attend as many as you want and there is no need to sign up for sessions in advance.

See below for information about what to expect and meet our SI Leaders!

Courses Offered

Supplemental Instruction is offered for select courses and course sections each semester. To see the Supplemental Instruction details for Spring 2024

 Our Spring 2024 course pairings are: 

  • Accounting 201.002/005/007/901
  • Biology 214.001/002
  • Biology 221.001
  • Chemistry 105.001/002/003
  • Chemistry 109.002
  • Chemistry 150.001/002
  • Chemistry 325.001
  • Chemistry 326.001
  • Finance 320.002/003/005/006
  • Geology 102.001
  • Kinesiology 294.001/002
  • Math 104.001/002
  • Philosophy 101.002
  • Physics 211.002/501
  • Psychology 100.002

Looking for help and don't see your course offered? Check our tutoring options here!

What to Expect from Supplemental Instruction

What are SI Sessions like? 

Supplemental Instruction is a structured group study session facilitated by an SI Leader. Sessions are designed to review the most difficult material from class to deepen your learning and understanding of critical course concepts. SI Leaders are trained in active learning strategies and collaborative learning techniques that make SI sessions fun, interesting, and, most importantly, great for your learning. 

Why should I attend a session?

No matter how well you're doing in a course, you can benefit from attending an SI session. After all, your instructors expect that you're spending 2-3 hours per course credit hour studying outside of class each week; why not spend some of that time with SI? In the 20 years that UWEC has offered SI, data shows that students who attend SI sessions on average perform a half-letter grade better than their peers who don't. This could be the difference between a B+ and an A in a course!  

So where do I sign up? 

No need! If SI is paired with your course, you will meet your SI Leader on the first day of class. They will explain how the program works and when and where sessions will be held. All sessions are on a drop-in basis meaning there's no need to sign up beforehand. 

Interested in becoming an SI Leader? 

We are always looking to hire great students who are passionate about helping others. See our jobs tab in the side menu or contact Adam Freese at for more information. 

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