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Apply to Work at ASC

The Academic Skills Center employs nearly 100 students per semester. We invite qualified students to apply for tutoring and clerical positions in our office.

Tutor in the ASC

Review the courses and skills tutored in the ASC. UWEC students who can tutor in one or more of these courses or skills areas are invited to review the criteria below and apply.

Find more at Career Services online job board (Handshake) for current tutor openings.

While each tutoring area may have more specific hiring criteria, the ASC generally hires students who...

  • Have a good background in their tutoring area
  • Have a generally good student background (usually B average or better)
  • Can list one or more faculty as references
  • Enjoy working with and helping their peers
  • Can commit to being consistent, reliable employees
  • Have federal work study eligibility (helpful but not required)

The ASC generally hires tutors in the first week or so of each semester and then provides 6 hours of initial paid training and more area-specific training before tutors begin tutoring. Current starting pay is $9.00/hr. After completing required training and tutoring hours, tutor pay increases to $9.50/hr, and tutors earn a tutoring certificate from the College Reading and Learning Association of North America.

Find more information at Human Resources.

Supplemental Instruction Leaders

Interested in being a Supplemental Instruction Leader? 

The Academic Skills Center is hiring Supplemental Instruction Leaders for the Fall 2021 semester. This is a paid position, averaging 7-10 hours of work per week. Starting wage is $10.00 per hour, with pay increases each semester. Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a series of weekly review sessions for students taking historically difficult courses. SI is provided for all students in the course section who want to acquire effective learning strategies, develop an understanding of difficult course material, and improve their grades. SI Leaders (or SILs) are responsible for facilitating these review sessions. SI Leaders are students who have successfully completed the course in a previous semester, who then use that knowledge to help guide current students through course material. SILs receive training on how to plan and facilitate SI sessions, how to use active learning strategies and collaborative learning techniques to review content material, and how to engage students in the session.

Position Description
SILs have a variety of responsibilities including:

  • Attend class and be a model student during class meetings
  • Make regular announcements about SI sessions to the class
  • Plan SI sessions
  • Hold 2-3 SI sessions per week
  • Hold 1 office hour per week
  • Attend all SIL trainings
  • Keep and maintain accurate session records

Qualified applicants must have taken the course they wish to be a Leader for and earned a B grade or higher. In addition, SI Leaders are expected to maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher throughout their employment. Highly qualified candidates will have experience in leadership or tutoring positions, are self-motivated, and have excellent time management skills.

Additional Details
A complete job description for Supplemental Instruction Leaders can be found here

Courses Available
We are currently seeking to fill positions for the following courses for Fall 2021:

  • BIOL 222
  • BIOL 250
  • BIOL 314
  • CHEM 325

Being an SI Leader looks excellent on your resume. Our leaders love what they do and helping students. We have a fun, exciting team and hope that you will consider joining us!

How to Apply
Click here to apply or copy and paste the following URL into your web browser:

Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you have about this position! Please e-mail Adam at or call the Academic Skills Center at 715-836-2200 and ask for Adam.

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