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Apply to Work at ASC

The Academic Skills Center employs nearly 100 students per semester. We invite qualified students to apply for tutoring and clerical positions in our office.

Tutor Qualifications

Review the courses and skills tutored in the ASC. UWEC students who can tutor in one or more of these courses or skills areas are invited to review the criteria below and apply.

Find more at Career Services online job board (Handshake) for current tutor openings.

While each tutoring area may have more specific hiring criteria, the ASC generally hires students who...

  • Have a good background in their tutoring area
  • Have a generally good student background (usually B average or better)
  • Can list one or more faculty as references
  • Enjoy working with and helping their peers
  • Can commit to being consistent, reliable employees
  • Have federal work study eligibility (helpful but not required)

The ASC generally hires tutors in the first week or so of each semester and then provides 6 hours of initial paid training and more area-specific training before tutors begin tutoring. Current starting pay is $8.00/hr. After completing required training and tutoring hours, tutor pay increases to $8.50/hr, and tutors earn a tutoring certificate from the College Reading and Learning Association of North America.

Find more information at Human Resources.

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