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Tutoring Services

Looking for a little extra help with your classes? 

The Academic Skills Center offers weekly tutoring for all students in many 100 and 200 level courses. These one-on-one and small group tutor sessions allow students to deepen their content knowledge by practicing the material with a knowledgeable peer. Tutoring is free for students, and our tutors will work with you to find a time that fits your schedule. 

See below for information about how to schedule, what to expect, and meet our tutors!

  • Take the first step today! Click here to schedule your appointment or see "How to schedule" below for detailed instructions
  • Courses offered 

    See the list of all Tutoring courses offered Spring 2024

    Don't see your course listed?  No tutors available?  Let us know by completing the Tutoring Inquiry Form.

    What to expect from peer tutoring

    Tutoring will help you with material in specific courses including extra practice, preparing for tests, understanding notes/readings, and clarifying concepts from class.  Tutoring is more than just homework help; your tutor will help you be successful in the class and help you develop skills you can apply elsewhere. 

    Tutoring sessions typically last 45 minutes to 1 hour, but there is flexibility based on your needs and your tutor's schedule.  After you have signed up for a tutoring session, keep an eye on your email!  Your tutor will email you to introduce themselves, tell you where to meet, and ask what you want to accomplish during your session.  Having a clear goal in mind or a specific set of questions will help make your session as productive as possible.

    General locations and hours for Peer Tutoring and Peer Academic Coaching are as follows: 

    Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm in the Student Success Center (CEN 2104)
    Monday - Friday 4pm - 8pm in McIntyre Library (2nd floor, 2003A)
    Sunday 11am - 8pm in McIntyre Library (2nd floor, 2003A)

    Cancelling Appointments

    To cancel a previously scheduled appointment, log into the Navigate app or website.  Click on your upcoming appointments, select Cancel my Attendance, and follow the on-screen directions. 

    What if no available appointments fit my schedule? 

    Not a problem! Please contact Amy Root at or stop by our office in Centennial 2104 and we'll work with you to find an alternative time. 

    Looking for something else? 

    We're here to help. See below for some other available resources offered by other departments on campus or stop by our office in 2104 Centennial to see what might be available to you. 

    • Math tutoring: Math tutoring is available through the mathematics department. Please find more information about the Math Lab and math tutoring options by clicking here.
    • When tutoring isn't available: 
      • Contact a member at the front desk in the Student Success Center by phone or email at 715-836-2200 or email at We may be able to refer you to other services available on campus.
      • Check to see if your course has Supplemental Instruction
      • See your course professor during office hours. Professors hold office hours specifically to meet with students and are available to assist you.
      • Search your textbook title on the Internet. Many publishers have additional resources available to assist students using their textbooks.
      • Stop by the academic department office to ask about any available tutoring or resources to assist students. Some departments or student groups offer drop-in tutoring hours. 
      • Start your own study group with people in your class. The library has study rooms available.
      • If your course struggles are related to test performance, difficulty with textbook reading, insufficient
        note-taking skills, or other important academic skills consider trying Peer Academic Coaching.


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