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Tutoring Services

We offer once a week tutoring for all students in many language courses, physical science courses, and social science courses.

The Academic Skills Center is located in the Student Success Center in Centennial 2104.
To find out about services we offer, please contact us by phone at 715-836-2200 or by email at

Courses Tutored

Fall 2021 courses coming soon!


  • Fall 2021 coming soon!

Physical Sciences

  • Fall 2021 coming soon!

Social Sciences and Music

  • Fall 2021 courses coming soon!

Math Tutoring

For MATH 010 and MATH 020 tutoring, please visit the Math Care Center in Hibbard 218.

Math Lab tutors will be available in-person 10:00am-2:00pm Monday - Friday.
All Math Lab tutoring will be by appointment only this semester.
For the most up-to-date information, and to schedule an appointment, please visit this link:

Ideas for help when tutoring isn't available

  • Contact a member at the front desk in the Student Success Center by phone or email at 715-836-2200 or email at We may be able to refer you to other services available on campus.
  • See your course professor during office hours. Professors hold office hours specifically to meet with students and are available to assist you.
  • Search your textbook title on the Internet. Many publishers have additional resources available to assist students using their textbooks.
  • Stop by the academic department office to inquire about any available tutoring or resources to assist students. Some departments or student groups offer drop-in tutoring hours.
  • See the free resources available at Khan Academy at
  • Start your own study group with people in your class. The library has study rooms available.
  • If your course struggles are related to test performance, difficulty with textbook reading, or insufficient
    note-taking skills, ask the Academic Skills Center about our Peer Academic Coaches.
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