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Course specific credits

A score calculated as a "B-Grade Equivalent" or higher on selected DSST examinations will give the student credit in one of the following ways:

  1. Course-specific credit
  2. Credits associated with Liberal Education (LE) Core outcomes(s)
  3. General electives
Exam Minimum 
Credits Granted
Art of the Western World 434 3 credits, Art History Elective, LD, LE-K4
Astronomy 52 3 credits, Physics 115
Criminal Justice 54 3 credits, Criminal Justice 103
Environment and Humanity 53 3 credits, Biology 180
Ethics in America 50 3 credits, LE-K3 (Humanities)
Ethics in Technology 434 3 credits, Philosophy 308
Foundations of Education 434 3 credits, ES 490
History of the Vietnam War 49 3 credits, LE-K3 (Humanities)
Human/Cultural Geography 54 3 credits, Geography Elective, LE-K2 (Social Sciences)
Introduction to Computing 51 3 credits, Computer Science 100
Introduction to Geography 434  3 credits, Geography 111
Introduction to Geology 434  3 credits, Geology Elective LD.  NOTE: no credit for 106, 110, 115 or 118 if this exam is applied
Introduction to Law Enforcement 52 3 credits, Criminal Justice Elective LD
Introduction to the Modern Middle East 51 3 credits, LE-K3 (Humanities)
Introduction to World Religions 52 3 credits, LE-K3,R2 (Humanities, Global Learning)
Management Information System 50 3 credits, Elective credit (3 credits for IS 240 may be granted after meeting with Department Chair)
Personal Finance 53 3 credits, Finance 135
Principles of Finance  53 3 credits, elective credit
Principles of Financial Accounting  52 Elective credit
Principles of Physical Science 1  52 Physics Elective, LE-K1 (Natural Sciences)
Principles of Public Speaking 52 3 credits, Communication and Journalism 202
Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union 49 3 credits, LE-K3 (Humanities) 
The Civil War and Reconstruction  52 LE-K3 (Humanities)
Western Europe Since 1945  49 LE-K3 (Humanities)


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