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Sending your scores to UW-Eau Claire

For students who indicate UW-Eau Claire as a receiving institution when they take the AP examinations in May, we receive the scores in early July. If you did not have your scores sent to us, contact AP ( and have the score(s) sent to us. Information on how to do this can be found on their website.

The UW-Eau Claire school code for AP testing is 1913

Determining what credit you will receive: a score of three (3) or better on an Advanced Placement examination will give the student credit in one of the following ways:

  1. Course specific credit
  2. Credits associated with Liberal Education (LE) Core outcome(s)
  3. General electives

Students receive a grade of “CP.” This is not a “real grade” that counts in the G.P.A., but it meets the prerequisite whenever a “C or higher” is required. For specific equivalencies, go to the UW Help website:  AP Exams, Course Equivalencies & Credits

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