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Sending your scores to UW-Eau Claire

For students who indicate UW-Eau Claire as a receiving institution when they take the IB examinations, we receive the scores in early July.

You can contact IB and have the score(s) sent to us. Information on how to do this is found on their website.

Determining what credit you will receive: 

A score of four (4) or better on any higher level (HL) examination will give the student credit in one of the following ways below. No credit is given for Standard Level (SL) examinations.

1. Course-specific credit
2. Credits associated with Liberal Education (LE) Core outcome(s)
3. General electives

Students receive a grade of "CP".  This is not a "real grade" that counts in the GPA, but it meets the prerequisite whenever a "C or higher" is required. For specific equivalencies, go to the UW Help website: IB, Course Equivalencies & Credits

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