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Number of Credits Allowable

A maximum of one-fourth of the credits required for graduation in the student's total degree program may be earned by any type of credit by exam. In addition, no more than one-half of the requirements for a major or minor can be fulfilled by credit by exam. Departments may further limit the number of credits by exam allowed for a major or minor.


Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and CLEP exams result in a grade of CR for credit, so they do not affect the grade point average (GPA). Department examinations can be taken for a grade or on the S/U basis. If a student earns an S, the credits by exam are included in the 12-credit limit on S/U courses.

Transfer Credits

Credit by exam is not transferable from one university to another. Students who have taken AP, IB, or CLEP exams and then transfer to UW-Eau Claire must have their scores sent to UWEC for evaluation. Departmental credit by examination cannot normally be transferred from any other institution to UWEC.

Types of credit by exam

1) College Level Examination Program (CLEP) has two types of examinations:

  • General exams, which UW-Eau Claire accepts in Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities are Interdisciplinary. Students must take them prior to completing 15 credits of college work.
  • Course-equivalent examinations can be taken any time before enrolling in the equivalent course or in a higher-level course in the discipline.

2) Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Examinations are taken by high school students, and their scores are reported to UW-Eau Claire, where they typically are evaluated before the students' enrollment.

3) DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST) are typically taken prior to enrolling at UW-Eau Claire.  Course-equivalent examinations can be taken at any time before enrolling in the equivalent course or higher level course in the discipline.

4) Departmental credit by exam is offered by some UW-Eau Claire academic departments, who write and administer the tests.

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