Placement Testing

Start off in the right courses

Placement tests are used to place you into appropriate English composition, math, and languages classes. The University of Wisconsin English, and Math placement tests are required for new students attending UW-Eau Claire.

At UW-Eau Claire, the University of Wisconsin developed Foreign Language placement test is required if you wish to enroll in a Spanish, French or German language classes and had two or more years of high school coursework in the subject. The University of Wisconsin developed Foreign Language placement tests are offered through Regional Placement Testing dates throughout Wisconsin and in the Twin Cities and Chicago area each spring. These placement tests can also be scheduled individually via outside the spring regional placement test dates. If you studied Japanese or Chinese in high school, UW-Eau Claire has a locally developed placement tests which are administered by appointment. Please contact us at to schedule the Japanese or Chinese placement test.

If you have Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate or college transfer credit that you believe might satisfy the English, math, or language requirement, please contact us at to determine whether your credits will exempt you from any testing requirements.

You may take the placement tests only once. It is important to do your best on the tests because if your scores are too low, you may be required to take remedial courses. Contents of the placement tests along with practice tests may found at UW Center for Placement Testing.

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