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Placement Testing

Start off in the right courses

Placement tests are used to place you into appropriate English composition, math, and language classes. The University of Wisconsin English and Math placement tests are required for new students attending UW-Eau Claire.

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New Freshmen Fall 2020
New Transfer Students Summer/Fall 2020
How can taking placement exams help me meet degree requirements without taking a course when I get to UW-Eau Claire?

Many courses at UW-Eau Claire require placement exam scores in order to take the course, such as Writing, math, sciences and languages. By taking placement exams you can be sure your advisor has the most accurate information to help you build your schedule and you are not blocked from enrolling in courses at orientation and beyond. 

Taking the placement exam in all three areas might also mean you can meet degree requirements without taking a course. For example, doing well enough in a language exam might mean you meet one of the university Liberal Education (LE) requirements without having to pay for credits. Placement exams might also allow you to move past a course and move on to your next sequenced course if required. For example, doing well on your math placement could allow you to start in a higher-level math, saving you a semester or more of math courses.

You don’t need to study for placement exams, however brushing up on past skills can help you make sure you do as well as you can and that you are placed into the correct courses.

Your advisor will help you understand how your placement exams are used to place you into your courses at orientation.

At UW-Eau Claire, the University of Wisconsin developed World Language placement test is required if you wish to enroll in a Spanish, French or German language classes and had two or more years of high school coursework in the subject. The University of Wisconsin developed World Language placement tests are offered through Regional Placement Testing dates throughout Wisconsin and in the Twin Cities and Chicago area each spring. If you studied Japanese or Chinese in high school, UW-Eau Claire has a locally developed placement tests which are administered by appointment. Please contact us at to schedule the Japanese or Chinese placement test.

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