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Technology in Advising

Using Email in Advising

Faculty advisers have found e-mail to be a quick, timely, and accurate way to provide information to advisees. It is particularly useful when you have large numbers of advisees.

Advisee Distribution Lists

  • Adviser specific distribution lists of advisees are updated twice weekly. In addition, distribution lists of all students in a major and one for all students in a minor are also updated twice weekly.

Sending a message to your advisees:

Next to TO: type "advisees.your username" (e.g., advisees.goughdm.)

Note: The distribution list is automatically suppressed; the student will see only the name of the distribution list.

You can also access your own and your departmental distribution lists from the "address book" in Outlook

To receive a copy of your advisee distribution list:

  • Create a new message.
  • Next to TO: type getlist
  • Next to SUBJECT: type the name of the distribution list (advisees.goughdm)
  • Send the message. The distribution list will be returned to you via e-mail.


Faculty have successfully used e-mail to all their advisees for such things as:

  • Events in the department or on campus
  • Deadlines for such things as withdrawals or applying for entrance into certain schools/colleges
  • Requirements for the major
  • Information about new courses or about course sequencing
  • Preassignments needed for courses
  • Letting students know your office hours and what procedures you want them to use for making a registration appointment.