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Before your first semester, you will be assigned an academic and faculty advisor based on your major. These advisors can provide you access to countless resources to ensure your academic success at UW-Eau Claire. 

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Academic advisor

Your academic advisor will help you create your four-year academic plan. We know things can change while you’re in college, so don’t worry. If you change your major or switch a class, your academic advisor will work closely with you to help you stay on a track.

Faculty advisor

Your faculty advisor will provide you expert information as you make decisions that will impact your future academic and professional goals. Turn to them when you have questions about major courses, internship and service learning opportunities, networking connections and additional opportunities in the field.  

Peer advisors

Peer advisors are available on a walk-in basis in the Advising, Retention and Career Center to help with a variety of basic functions in CampS as well as building a course schedule and using the 4-year planner.

What can I discuss with my academic advisor:

  • Anything that impacts your educational goals
  • Registration  process
  • Course selection
  • Majors, minors and certificates
  • Academic struggles and support
  • Referrals to other campus resources
  • Building a plan to graduation

What can I discuss with my faculty advisor

  • Anything that impacts your educational goals
  • Choosing electives and experiences to support degree and career direction
  • Exploring careers typical entered by graduates in their department
  • Planning for internships
  • Involvement in faculty research
  • Planning for graduation school

You can expect your advisor to:

  • Have your best interests in mind
  • Listen to your concerns and respect your individual values and goals
  • Understand and communicate university requirements, policies and procedures
  • Help you troubleshoot problems
  • Assist you in creating a plan that will meet your educational goals
  • Refer you to campus resources

Your advisor expects you to:

  • Read and respond to campus email
  • Use tools in CampS to know degree requirements and to plan
  • Review your degree audit regularly
  • Ask questions when you need help
  • Be involved in the advising process; be prepared to discuss your goals and educational plans
  • Take responsibility for your decisions
  • Plan for internships and study abroad
  • Be involved in activities outside the classroom

Academic Clusters

When you declare a major you are put into a major cluster pairing you with an advisor in that cluster. If you choose to switch your major within the same cluster, you will remain with the same advisor.

Students who have not declared a major will be assigned to an academic advisor who specializes in providing guidance to undeclared students.

Communication, Arts + Humanities

Art and Design
Communication and Journalism
Latin American Studies
Religious Studies
Theatre Arts
Women’s Studies

Business Studies

Business Administration
Business Communication
Health Care Administration
Human Resource Management
Information Systems
International Business
Operations and Supply Chain Management

Education + Human Sciences

Communication Sciences and Disorders
Elementary Education
Secondary Education
Social Work
Special Education

Life + Health Sciences

Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Environmental Public Health

Mathematics + Physical Sciences

Actuarial science
Biomedical Engineering
Computer science
Materials science and Engineering

Social Sciences

American Indian Studies
Criminal Justice
Political Science
Liberal Studies

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